What is a mosaic?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
February 27, 2015
What is a mosaic?

And simple patterns of pebbles, and huge plot panels combines the word "mosaic". What is a mosaic? This is a genre of arts and crafts, whose works are images and patterns formed from small multicolored materials. Mosaic is used for the decoration of walls, furniture and household items, making paintings.

Mosaic types

You can make a mosaic of various materials. Depending on this, it is of the following types:

  • glass - made of silicon sand, aventurine, powdered gold and coloring components;
  • smalt - made by pressing small glass particles, potassium salts, oxides and other natural compounds;
  • ceramic - pieces of ceramic tiles of various shades;
  • stone - unique in structure mosaic of various types of stone (tuff, marble, onyx, etc.);
  • metallic - elements of various geometric shapes made of plastic and brass or stainless steel;
  • gold - the 585th grade foil enclosed between glass plates.

What is mosaic as a child's game?

Mosaic is also called a children's toy, which is a stand with holes, into which small colored parts are inserted, and thus drawing is assembled. This game develops a child's imagination and artistic taste.

For children's games and mosaics, you can use various materials at hand: cereals, beads, buttons, shells, colored patches.

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