What is complex?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
February 27, 2015
What is complex?

The word complex can mean a lot of different meanings. It is used not only in relation to science, but also in everyday life. To show how many meanings this word can have, let's take a closer look at what a complex is.

Complex: Values

  • In chemistry, a complex means a combination of chemical compounds. For example, a complex of chemicals can be called drugs, which contain in their composition many different components.
  • In industry, a complex can be called a combination of buildings and structures, equipment and roads (access roads), which are limited to one territory. An example would be a port complex, a petrochemical complex, as well as a fishing complex, etc.
  • The natural complex is a territory with its inherent flora and fauna, water bodies, relief. If we are talking about a large area - even the features of the climate. This concept may be closely related to the natural area.
  • In psychology, a complex is a collection of human qualities that influence its character. This is the emotional part of his consciousness that a person manifests in his behavior; it affects his motives and actions. An example is the Oedipus complex, which consists in attracting a child to his parent of the opposite sex (the term was introduced by Z. Freud), an inferiority complex, etc. About what are the complexes and how to get rid of them, read the article How to get rid of the complexes.
  • In economics, a complex is understood as the union of several types of industries into one sphere. For example, the fuel and energy complex, which produces, produces and accumulates fuel resources.
  • In the sport complex - a set of exercises. The complex is developed specifically for training certain muscle groups. For example, the Cindy complex.
  • An example of a complex in engineering can be called a complex of assembly machines that are engaged in assembling cars. Thus, we are talking about two or more products, united by common functions and acting together.

Thus, combining all these values, we can say that a complex in a general sense is a set of homogeneous elements that make up a certain whole.

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