What is a ball?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 18, 2013
What is a ball?

This article describes what a ball is. From here you will learn the definition of the word “ball”, formulas for calculating its surface area and volume. Get all the minimum information you need about a ball from a school geometry course.

All geometry lessons are sure to learn such a shape as a ball. About what a ball, our article will tell.

A ball is a geometric body that is bounded by a surface, any points of which are located at the same distance from the center. This distance is called the radius of the ball.

The ball can be represented as a semicircle rotating around its fixed diameter, which is called the axis of the ball. Both ends of the diameter are poles. The surface of the ball is a sphere.

When the plane (cutting) intersects the center of the ball, such a section is called a large circle, all other sections are small circles.

The surface area of ​​the ball can be recognized by the formula:

  • S = 4πr2where r is the radius of the ball, and π = 3.14.

The volume of the ball is found by the formula:

  • V = (4πr3) / 3, where r is the radius of the ball, and π = 3.14.

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