What is 228 and what does it mean? This is Article 228 of the Criminal Code

What does article 228 mean, this is an article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation. Fear 228 if you powder nose photos, pictures

Be afraid if you powder your nose. What is 228? And the picture in the subject ...

Probably, each person at the mention of the word “Code” first of all recalls “Gentlemen of Fortune”, whose heroes quoted this criminal edition literally, with a detailed indication of the time limit. Yes, in those days, citizens who regularly transgress the law knew perfectly well how much and for what they threatened and were afraid. And now for some reason some articles numbers are proudly worn on hats and t-shirts. In particular, this applies to Article 228 of the Criminal Code.


What is article 228 of the Criminal Code?



This part of the criminal code regulates measures that can be applied to people who produce, store, transport and process narcotic substances and plants, as well as psychotropic drugs, without having a sales target.


Judging what Article 228 of the Criminal Code is, all these actions are punishable at the discretion of the court by a fine of up to 140 thousand or in the amount of salary for three months, correctional labor up to 4800 hours, or imprisonment of up to three years.


If it is a question of especially large quantities of drugs and psychotropic drugs, then the punishment will be more serious. In this case, amateur addicts are threatened with three to ten years in prison, and in addition, a fine of half a million.


Those who themselves brought drugs and psychotropic drugs to the site and helped to catch the distributors, the term or penalty is not provided. The most remarkable point of this article is that large and very large sizes are established and approved regularly. Therefore, it is possible to incur liability even if you carry drugs for personal use.


What does article 228 on t-shirts and caps mean



The mention of article 228 on clothes is a peculiar protest of youth against the slogan “No to drugs!”. Of course, they will not be held accountable for clothing alone, but they can stop on the street with a certain kind of questions.


Most often, T-shirts, hats and caps with the number 228 are worn by those who periodically use psychotropic drugs and the so-called soft drugs. Herbs of cannabis, anasha and psychotropic fungi psilosibo took quite a strong position and are not even inferior to alcohol.More wealthy young people prefer cocaine and ecstasy.


Protesting against the Russian legislation, the details of the wardrobe significantly attract the attention of the police. Therefore, using the appropriate means without prescribing a doctor is better for people to refuse such advertising. This is Russia, not Holland!


Be afraid of the number 228, if you powder the nose!



Of course, this is not about cosmetic powder, but about substances such as cocaine and ephedrine, otherwise referred to as inhaled drugs. As a rule, lovers of these drugs carry with them an amount of powder sufficient for several “snuffs”, which is enough to get a substantial fine or up to three years.


And this, by the way, is not the most terrible punishment. Popular singer Whitney Houston died precisely because of cocaine, which was found in her blood in a dose sufficient to stop her heart.


Article 228 of the Criminal Code renamed? Amendment of article 228



There was a time when, according to various resources and social networks, the rumor was spread that the famous and “beloved” by young people was renamed article 228, joining 229, which threatens those who sell and sell drugs, psychotropic drugs and plants from which they are received .In passing, there were notes that the position of 228 would be a bill, which has been arguing in St. Petersburg for so long - "On the propaganda of homosexuality."


In reality, no one moved anything. The only thing that happened was the tightening of the penalties, which were noted in article 228 with amendments and clarifications. Namely, the term of punishment by the method of correctional work increased from 200 hours to 480, also increased the terms to paragraph 2 of Article 228, regulating the punishment for physicians who treated drugs not according to the law.


Below is the old version of this article


Very interesting article today in the site headingHelpful Tips. You will not be able to provide a lot of usefulness today, rather, we’ll learn what you shouldn’t do, at least there is an appropriate punishment for this, so read this article to the end. Be watchful, comrades! Many guys and girls after listening to the songAk 47, Guf, Noggano - Fear 228 if you powder nose, ask the appropriate question, what does it mean 228, what is it? Taking into account the peculiarities of Russian rap, where not everything will chew you up, we will answer. Sometimes they say two, two zeroes eight, which means 2008.And often say article 228. We will understand what it is. ThisArticle 228, Criminal Code of the Russian Federation(abbreviated as the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), by itself implies something not quite good, we protsetiruem extract from228Criminal Code of the Russian Federation:


What does article 228 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation mean:



“Illegal acquisition or storage, transportation, manufacture, processing of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues (generally all Pruscha), as well as illegal acquisition, storage, transportation of plants containing narcotic drugs / substances or substances acting on the human psyche parts that contain narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances on a large scale - shall be punished with a fine of a certain amount up to forty thousand rubles, or in the amount of a salary or other income of the convicted for a period of up to 3 months, either by compulsory work for the benefit of society, for up to 480 hours, either by correctional labor for up to 2 years, or by restraint of liberty for up to 3 years, or by imprisonment for the same period. ”Here you are Article 228 in its full sense (abbreviated228 UK RF).


In general, "strongly" and this is only the beginning of what article 228 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation means. Then to say, if these acts were committed on a particularly large scale (in which it is not indicated in the source http://www.zakonrf.info/uk/228/), then the punishment would be the imprisonment of a person for a period of 3 to 10 years, in addition you will need to pay a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles. Either income for a period of up to 3 years, or without it. Further, there are notes that can be read in the picture below.


What is article 228



What does article 228 mean? This is an article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation

Notes to the article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation.What does article 228 mean?


Guys, do not play around with dangerous substances, your life is getting shorter. In addition, the world is fullinterestingand curious, love and sincere feelings, the beauty of nature and other interesting things. Our site against drugs, lead a healthy lifestyle. Live so that you never knowwhat is article 228you don't need this. See interesting and useful articles for car enthusiasts, tricks of using the Internet and other materials on our site. Good luck.

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