What if a teenager came home drunk

What if a teenager came home drunkThe street has long been dark, and your miracle is not home yet? Mobile does not respond, and friends just shrug their shoulders, they say, do not know where he is. Parents can not sit still in their heads, terrible thoughts creep into their heads. Or maybe it's time to start calling hospitals and police stations? And at this time, the front door quietly opens, on the threshold stands, barely able to stand, a lost "miracle." Looking at this, mom cannot believe that she raised a young alcoholic with her own hands. Dad furious ...
Unfortunately, this is a typical situation in which every second parent had to visit at least once in his life, no matter how much the child was forbidden to drink alcohol. What to do in such a situation when the child came drunk? Read in our article.

The teenager came drunk, what was the reason for this?


  • Problems with parents. This can also be attributed to the lack of attention from parents or, on the contrary, excessive care.
  • For company.Most often this happens in the company of friends, when a child, not wanting to lose his authority, does something that may be unpleasant for him, but he raises it in the eyes of his comrades.
  • With the help of alcohol, he tries to escape from his problems.
  • He wanted to feel more determined and courageous.
  • The decision to try something new, forbidden.
  • Problems in personal life. Most often, the child decides to try alcohol because of love.


What should I do if the child suddenly comes drunk?

It's no news to anyone that children's alcoholism has recently become a serious problem, and more and more often parents are faced with the fact that their child begins to drink. It is often necessary to observe that it is the children from wealthy families with good upbringing that begin to “reach for the bottle”. Parents are so busy with their business that they do not notice the problems at the initial stage. This ultimately leads to the fact that the teenager is given into the hands of the “street”, acquaintances, friends, now they are his authority. What should parents do if the child first came home drunk?

  • The first thing you need to do is to pull yourself together.Just calm down, all the same shouts you will not achieve anything.
  • Put the drunk child to sleep.
  • Drink sedatives, and follow him to sleep. Today you do not decide anything, you need to talk to a teenager when he is in adequate condition.
  • It is not necessary to use a commanding tone in a serious conversation. This will only aggravate the situation, and the teenager will close on you. Easy talk, tell what upset you.
  • Do not give any ratings. No need to reproach and prove how bad he is.
  • You must learn what will depend on your actions now, how much he will trust you and try to tell you about your experiences and worries in the future.
  • In a relaxed atmosphere, try to find out what caused the teenager to drink.
  • Offer a helping hand, show that you can support it in any situation, whatever it may be.


What will help the child to give up alcohol

What if a teenager came home drunk
You must understand that in any case such behavior has an adequate explanation. Even if the teenager came home drunk. What should parents do in this case:

  • Be a real friend to him.
  • Listen to your child, perhaps he has a difficult period in his life now, and he needs your support so much.
  • Become a support for him and the greatest support, let him feel that he has someone to turn to in a difficult situation.
  • Do not show your elevation over the child, be wiser and smarter.
  • Look for common ground with your child, find common interests and entertainment, spend more time together.
  • Explain to a teenager that one can gain authority in a company in a completely different way, for example, by achievements in sports, science, and creativity.
  • Let him step on his own rake himself and learn something in life on his own.

Adolescence has always been difficult, both for the child and for his parents. During this period, the teenager makes a small step in a free, independent life. Become the best friend for your almost adult son or daughter, and then you will notice that he will not be interested in the opinions of others, including the company. That parental authority should come first. Just remember that you need to conquer it not with shouts and scandals, but with love and affection.

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