What hobbies help to become happier


Turning a lump of clay into something beautiful and useful is a truly interesting and exciting process. Such a passion can be a future profession. And doing business that brings both pleasure and material income means that every day you meet with happiness.


Psychologists say that drawing is a great exercise for relieving stress and psychological blocks. It helps to free the subconscious from fears, phobias, and excess burden of problems. Thus, the person feels lighter and happier. Just looking at the pictures is already causing a feeling of euphoria. It is easy to imagine how this effect is enhanced when creating your own masterpiece.

Playing musical instruments

Everyone knows that high-quality music in a special way affects the mind and mind of man. It "turns on" certain centers of the brain and helps relieve tension and improve mood.Playing musical instruments is one hundred percent way to become happier. This is an opportunity to independently create music, that is, mood, to disengage from pressing problems, revealing inner motives and desires.


If previous hobbies include sight, touch and hearing in the creative process, then cooking is still a whole planet of smells and tastes. She constantly evokes positive emotions in a person (both during cooking and tasting), and develops thinking and fantasy. This is a fairly popular occupation today, which is equally popular among women and men. For some, cooking is becoming a profession.


Scientists have shown that when knitting a person activates the same areas of the brain as during meditation. In Europe, large companies even encourage employees who are engaged in knitting at lunchtime. It is noted that the rhythmic knock of the spokes and the creation of a canvas with patterns of simple loops have a positive effect on a person’s mood, relieves stress and helps to solve everyday tasks more effectively.

Keeping a diary

Digital technology has almost supplanted the classic epistolary genre.Communication in social networks, using print instead of a manuscript deprives a person of full-fledged reflection. Experts insist not to forget about the pen and paper and, if possible, to record their experiences, internal monologues. This activity can gradually become a real hobby and will help resolve difficult life situations. It can change the way of thinking, make the brain work in the necessary “rhythm”, release a person from the burden of endless thoughts and make him noticeably happier.

Reading books

A good book is a separate world where all problems disappear and fascinating events and adventures of fictional heroes unfold. Reading in a cozy atmosphere not only develops a person intellectually and spiritually, but also activates the inner center of pleasure, improves mood, helps to distract, relieve psychological stress.


Another hobby that makes a person happier. How does it work? It increases concentration of attention, distracts from everyday problems and gives pleasure from the process itself. Is it worth talking about the enjoyment that every gardener feels when admiring the results of his work in the evenings ?!

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