What glue wallpaper in the nursery

For a start, it's a good idea to decide on the material for the wallpaper for the children's room. A variety of options can be confusing: this is already common non-woven wallpaper, and textile, and liquid, and glass and even vegetable. But, probably, it is worth stopping the choice all the same on an inexpensive paper option?
Paper - breathable, environmentally friendly and cheap material. Last is important. While the child is still small, there is a high probability that he will stain the walls, try to check how firmly the coating is glued, and even paint on the wallpaper. In addition, the child quickly changes with age: his tastes, preferences and aesthetic preferences "grow" with him. And if a child of about five will be pleased to see on his walls images of characters from Disney cartoons, it is unlikely that the schoolchild will like it. Paper wallpaper is the easiest to change if the child wants it or they lose their appearance.
As for the choice of texture, it is better to give preference to smooth wallpaper.Dust accumulates more easily and quickly on textured surfaces, and this is highly undesirable for a child’s room.
Color wallpaper is also important. Some parents believe that bright, cheerful tones are perfectly suited for the nursery. But it must be remembered that such colors excite the nervous system, therefore it is categorically not suitable as the main tone of the room in which the hyperactive child lives. For such a baby more suitable coating of pale green or sky blue colors, which have a calming effect on the psyche. If it is necessary to make the room lighter, it is better to stay at the warm colors, but also gentle pastel shades.
The walls in the nursery, of course, should not look boring, so you should carefully choose the pattern on the wallpaper. As already mentioned, the heroes of fairy tales and cartoons are the easiest option, but far from the best: this design quickly annoys the kid, and in order to update it, you have to re-paste the wallpaper completely. In addition, it should be noted that the bright large drawings irritate the nervous system, interfere with the focus during class.
A much better option would be to use neutral plant or abstract designs, or it’s worth painting the room with wallpaper without a picture. To make such a child not look boring and too strict, you can use various options for decoration. For example, photo wallpaper on one of the walls is not at all a bad option: they will create a specific atmosphere, moreover, it will be easy to replace them if necessary.
Using different kinds of stickers is also a reasonable way out. Such decorations are easily mounted on walls, furniture and glass surfaces without damaging them. If necessary, stickers can be replaced with new ones, which will give the room a completely different color.
To satisfy the preschooler's kid to “wall painting”, by the way, by gluing one of the walls (or part of it) with white smooth sheets, the child will decorate it with his own drawings. If you wish, you can make several inserts on the walls for this purpose, separating them from the main color of the wallpaper with frames made of paper or plastic borders, and the “canvases” for future children's masterpieces will be ready. Later it is easy to replace them with new ones, simply by pasting old works with clean sheets.
For the student, the actual “wall decoration” will be, for example, a large colorful world map or even a star chart, tables and other materials that help in learning. By the way, it is believed that the student will be able to concentrate in the best way in a room with striped wallpaper.
If a teenager wants to arrange a room to your liking, do not hinder him in this. A room for an adult child is his little world, which he wants and can already equip himself, and parents can only help with this. Let a teenager take an active part in the repair of his room, including the selection and sticking of wallpaper.

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