Why dream of swimming in a dream?

In your dream, you swam and now you want to know what your dream means? We will tell you what it means to swim in a dream.

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Why dream of swimming in a dream, dream book
Why dream of swimming in a dream, dream book

Dream Dream Thelomena

The dream in which you float is a symbol of the fulfillment of your plans. Wait for their successful implementation.

If you floated in the ocean, then you should be more attentive in life, to be ready to withstand the hassles that may come over you. Swam in the river - in life you expect pleasure. But if you are falling in love, then the dream tells you that you need to have a more sober look at many things.

Swim in the sea - this image promises the realization of your desires. Swam in the pool - you see with old acquaintances, and, perhaps, will begin the new novel. To see a man in a dream, to swim with him in the pool - if with a friend, then your subconsciousness projects a sympathy to him, and if you are a stranger, you are expected to have a new relationship.

Floated in a dream in pure water - this dream promises career growth, and also says that you are in mental equilibrium.But if the water was dirty, then in life you will have to do things that will leave a negative imprint on your soul. Carefully weigh all offers, especially from new acquaintances. Floated in warm water - a long-awaited rest will be provided to you very soon, the water was cold - prediction of trouble, try not to agree to questionable requests for help.

Old Russian dream book

Swimming in the water - this image promises joy and pleasure.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Floated in a dream - in life you expect business and financial success, and if you floated with your partner - a sudden separation, perhaps for a while.

Dream of azar

This dream book gives an interpretation of the meaning “to swim in the water” as a foreshadowing of calmness in life and success in business.

Dream interpretation of Simon Canaanite

Seeing himself floating in a dream promises good luck in life.


Swim - this process symbolizes success. Submerging in water in a dream - you will be disappointed in someone or something. Floated under water - something will disturb you.

The dream of the medium Hasse

In the clear water swim - anxiety will pass you by, and if the water is cloudy, then trouble can not be avoided.Drowning in a dream - to big problems, they saw that someone was swimming - the undertakings would be successful.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

Swimming in a calm undisturbed sea - fortune will smile at you in life, the sea was warm - expect a cash return. And if there was dirt in the sea, someone is going to gossip about you.

The newest dream book

They had a dream in which they had to swim in stormy water — several promising cases would appear on the horizon, swimming in clear water would be a sign of good health, and dirty water would bring bad health.

Russian dream book

Swim: dream book. Swam with your beloved partner - pleasant events await you, maybe even a wedding. Surely floated in a dream - good luck in life will bring you joy, if something bothers you to swim - you will find a strong disappointment.

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