What dreams of the military in a dream?

Military: dream book. Dreams associated with war, fighting, soldiers indicate that your life has many limitations. Strict discipline at home or at work prevents you from feeling like a free person. It is necessary to reconsider their views, find time to relax, take a vacation. The subconscious signals - the situation is heated, we need changes.

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What dreams of military, dream book
What dreams of military, dream book

Sleep details

Were you yourself a defender of the Fatherland in a dream or communicated with such a person? Did he treat you kindly or threatened you? All these details influence the consequences - whether the interpretation will be favorable for you.

Dream interpretation: the military in large numbers - a boring life, longing. You lack diversity.

POW - wedding, relocation, change of residence.

To be a soldier in a dream - feuds in the family, a quarrel with his wife, husband.

The army is a conflict that can be resolved safely, the end of hostility.

Wear a helmet, uniform - for money, luck, getting great benefits.

Hold a gun, spear, sword - increase at work, change of official position for the better.

To see a military man in a dream on the battlefield - get ready for life's difficulties, the attacks of enemies, the battle for your happiness.

Being among the soldiers, feeling hungry and offended - fortunately, success, luck.

Serving in ammunition - hostility, open confrontation.

The military at the exercises - the successful completion of cases.

Soldier skirmish, fight - night raid, robbery, surprise attack.

If a dreamy military man with excellent bearing and manners came to you in dreams, you will find a frantic affair with a military man, romantic meetings, pleasant conversations.

Military rank

Try to remember the rank of the soldier from the dream - private or, maybe, the commander-in-chief of the troops. What position did he occupy?

Military officer - in life you will have to face violence. You have violated the law or performed your work poorly; you will be very anxious, anxious about this.

Police officer - you are tormented by dark forebodings.

Private - small chagrin, trouble.

All the time on duty - joy, fun, entertainment.

The general is the patronage of the powerful. Someone will help you settle things, fix problems.

For the young dreamer, the military in a dream is for conscription. For an adult woman - you will have a lot of fans. For an unmarried girl - to the wedding, if in dreams you married a soldier, then your marriage in life will not be easy.

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