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Why dream of a chain?

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What does the dream about the chain mean?

On the spring dream book

The chain can dream of single people to a speedy marriage.

According to the summer dream book

Dreams of a chain - one should expect a favorable trip.

According to the autumn dream book

According to this interpreter of dreams, the chain may appear to incite anger on the part of the leadership. It is necessary to be afraid of dismissal.

Gypsy dream book

The chain is a sign of reverie. If in a dream you managed to break the chain of a married man, then quarrels in the house cannot be avoided. A torn chain for a prisoner symbolizes a speedy release in real life. In this dream book for a married chain - to the birth of children, and for a single guy - to marry.

Sensible dream book

Silver chain symbolizes the benefits of anxiety. To dream of a gold chain around his neck - to a good time in good company. A person who is chained in a dream can rely on a happy future.

Erotic dream book

The dreamer, who drew attention to the chain in his dream, should know that in real life his rivals are trying to slander him.A person chained may in reality associate with a hysterical person who will make claims and be jealous. A dream with a broken chain speaks of the success of the termination of relations with an undesirable cavalier.

Dream interpretation by Z. Freud

If a sleeping person is trying to break the chain in a dream, then he is very decisive in reality. It is necessary to slow down, so as not to destroy everything around you. Seeing the process of forging in dreams symbolizes great fortune thanks to a stranger. Only your gratitude is directed in the wrong direction. A true well-wisher will go unnoticed.

Ukrainian dream book

A chain of iron can dream for a person whose marriage will be unsuccessful. Family people are in a dream chain to the difficulties in real life. Breaking the chain marks the dissolution of the marriage or the death of one of the spouses. Gold chain dream to an unexpected marriage of family members.

Dream dream wanderer

The chain acts as a dependence on the circumstances. It does not allow to act, fetters. However, the chain symbolizes protection or a close relationship.

Dream Dream Taro

If you dreamed of a chain, then it speaks of waking.

Esoteric dream book

A chain with large links in a dream suggests that your morality interferes with action. The rupture of any kind of chain talk about getting rid of the hassle. If the dreamer tries on an expensive gold chain around his neck, then this indicates a strong bond between the beloveds. Rusty and darkened chain symbolizes the relationship.

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