What does the name Sofia mean?

Angelina Ivanova
Angelina Ivanova
September 26, 2011
What does the name Sofia mean?

The name Sophia means wisdom, if we proceed from the meaning of the ancient Greek origin of the name. What does the name Sofia mean to a little child? This is a very gentle and good-natured little girl. She will be very shy surrounded by unfamiliar people. sometimes too gullible.

What does the name Sophia mean for an adult woman?

  • Career. Quick climb up the career ladder is provided. Sofia is extremely conscientious about the work she is doing, she easily gets along in a team and gets along with her superiors. Great specialist. And everything in life, Sophia achieves independently. Well, if the chosen profession will be associated with travel.
  • House. Sofia is able to receive guests at the highest level, she is an excellent cook. Being already married, she can sacrifice her family, leave her husband for the sake of a strong loving feeling for another man. Will be happily married to Vladimir, Oleg, Yuri, Vladislav, Arkady, Konstantin and Gleb. Not quite fit, Andrew, Stanislav, Peter and Dmitry.

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