What does the crunch in the joints

Healthy movements occur, you should not feel them. A crunch is not an accident. The most innocuous cause of it is the peculiarities of the structure, due to which the violation of biomechanics occurs. For example, the wrong arrangement of ligaments, which can lead to defects in cartilage tissue.

Keep in mind that a systematic crunch is a clear sign of imperfect connective tissue, lack of articular "lubrication" and a predisposition to the development of arthrosis.

If a crunch occurs literally with each movement of a problem joint, is accompanied by painful sensations or restricts mobility, you need to turn to an orthopedist, because a serious disease can be the cause.

Arthrosis is a group of diseases in which the tissues of the joints do not receive the necessary nutrition, which leads to their inflammation and deformity. In this case, the joints not only crunch, but also hurt. The risk group includes women in menopause.

Tendonitis (inflammation of the tendon tissue) or bursitis (inflammation of the articular sac), in addition to the crunch, cause redness and swelling.

Crunch in the joints could be preceded by injury, for example, during sports.

In each of these cases, a delay in visiting a doctor can lead to the development of serious complications. During the reception, the traumatologist-orthopedist will conduct a detailed examination, determine the location, cause and depth of the disturbances. The treatment in this case directly depends on the cause of the crunch.

Nutrition for Joint Health

  • Refuse from smoked products, fat and fried.

  • Give preference to boiled, stewed and baked dishes.

  • Add to your diet fresh vegetables and fruits, honey and nuts, cereals and dairy products. The diet should contain lean meat, poultry and fish.

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