What does it mean to think subjectively

Mystery of Subjective Thinking

The mystery itself lies in its carrier - man. At the heart of the subjectivity of a true assessment of a situation, event, or relationship to the world is a kind of distortion of the facts perceived by a person. This occurs under the influence of personality characteristics, its attitudes and worldview. That is why our perception of the world can not always be objective, if at all capable of it. And the very concept of "objective opinion" in the literal sense, in principle, is meaningless.
If we apply a formal approach to assessing the situation, then any books and films are already a factor distorting reality, and against them all other information is muffled. And precisely because of such a property of thinking as subjectivity, mankind became the creator of numerous trends in art.

Can thinking not be subjective?

Progress and science strive for objectivity. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology - take any of the laws of the scientific sphere,their existence in no way depends on human knowledge or experience and, even more so, on the emotional state. But who makes the discoveries underlying scientific knowledge? Yes, these are scientists whose experience is based on the heritage of other generations. Of course, experience is overvalued and rethought anew, through our own beliefs and knowledge.
Philosophy asserts that objectivity does exist, and is the sum of various subjective options. But if one approaches the issue from the standpoint of the exact sciences and imagines all the subjective expert opinions of people gathered together, then in the end there will be only chaos and contradictions.
Thus, there is a paradoxical discrepancy between reality and conclusions. Therefore, if you are told that there is an “objective opinion” on one issue or another, then you will be able to find a dozen other such “objective opinions” without difficulty.

Substitution of concepts

Subjective opinion can be manipulated - it is a fact. A simple example is TV and the Internet. Billions of minds literally stuck to the screens, not realizing the fact that they were deprived of the opportunity to independently analyze information. This has already been done for you.Thoughtful texts of marketers, analysts, reviewers daily generate the truth for you, eliminating the process of thinking. People are taught that what is said in the media is true. Simply put, the masses disaccustom to listening to the depths of their own mind. Remember, knowledge passed through being and trampled by your own feet is good and, most importantly, valuable knowledge.

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