What does it mean to dream a starry sky

The sky in a dream is a very complex symbol. As in life, in visions it can be very different. Value depends on its condition.

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Why dream the sky
Why dream the sky

Female dream book

Clear skies foreshadow an interesting journey and respect from colleagues.

What is the dream overcast sky? Someone was holding a grudge against you. Perhaps your hopes will not come true.

The blood red sky foreshadows a lot of excitement. They can touch not only you, but also the world around.

To dream of a starry sky - your actions will bring success.

Climbing or ascending into the sky - you confidently climb up the career ladder, your position in society is becoming higher and more reliable. Soon you will achieve the desired, but further recovery will be impossible - it will bring grief and the need to revise life priorities.

Veles dream

Why can the sky dream? Light - to success, the implementation of plans. For girls - for the wedding. For women - to a long family life.

The dark sky is an early sad event, a serious illness.

Russian people's dream book

In the dream book, the sky is interpreted as a sign of absolute purity. This is the place where God is closest to people. Therefore, according to its condition, one can judge a lot.

If the sky in a dream is not closed by anything, a great future awaits you. The one you dream about.

Clouds foreshadow danger. If they appear unexpectedly, the secret enemy wishes you evil and will soon begin to act. Lightning speaks of unexpected news. Heavy rain - about insurmountable difficulties.

Flying is a symbol of successful completion of businesses started.

Dream for the whole family

A clear sky is dreaming - what it is for - reasonable hopes for a happy future or a successful resolution of problems.

Clouding clouds - you are not lucky, something will prevent you from achieving your goals.

The emergence of white clouds - if you are a creative person, then you will visit an unprecedented inspiration. For the rest, they prophesy fresh ideas, joy.

What is the dream of a black sky? If this is just a night - you lack confidence. If it has darkened because of the clouds, you are threatened.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to this dream-book, the sky foreshadows many good events as long as it remains clean. Perhaps you go on a trip or on vacation in hot countries.

Blue sky always speaks about success, joy, pleasant surprises.

Dark, gloomy, frightening - you need to gather all the strength to overcome the difficulties.

If the clouds disperse, everything works out for you, you act correctly, soon everything will be fine.

Dream Miller

The sky is a very good symbol if it is clear. Things that cause thoughts, excitement, will be resolved in your favor.

A dark sky for a woman can mean sadness, hurt feelings, and the frustration of hope.

To dream in the sky in crimson tones - excitement in society that can overwhelm you, significantly affect your future life.

The starry sky symbolizes the beginning of a long and difficult struggle for its place under the sun.

Climbing into the sky - the lack of pleasure from the goal achieved. Perhaps it was given to you too easily, you need to realize more difficult dreams. Now is the time to start acting.

Chinese dream book

Looking at the sky - to enrich the imminent.

The clearing sky - to get rid of threats and troubles.

The dream of a modern woman

A clear sky foreshadows fame, if you strive for it, respect, quiet comfortable life.

Terrible, overcast with clouds - someone is very offended at you, but conceals anger in itself. One day he decides to get revenge.

Full moon in the sky - a revision of life values. Soon you will get tired of the fuss, want peace and solitude. Intimacy with nature can satisfy new desires and dispel doubts about the future.

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