What does it mean if a man suddenly fell in love to cook

Oleg Ilyin, holder of the title "Best confectioner of Moscow", the owner of the network of nominal confectioneries "Confectionery Oleg Ilyin" and TV host, explains this phenomenon - a man in the kitchen.

A couple of weeks ago, the subscriber wrote an entire message to me asking for advice. The situation is interesting: the husband, who up to a certain point did not know how to break an egg into a frying pan, had no idea what soup was made of (he just ate it - eagerly and with appetite, without thinking about the intricacies of the recipe), suddenly began to ... cook! Here he became an adult: with a culinary book at the ready, with Gordon Ramsay recipes attached to a mobile phone, in an apron.

... Her first thought is simple: lover! No, well, why? You women, this categorical option - the very first usually. Send a guy some drastic mood swings, habits, or lifestyle - that's all. Aunt on the side, not otherwise. And in principle, I agree, it happens this way: the breadwinner began to take a closer look at himself, changed his style of clothes, it does not smell like an ordinary mass-market-scent, but with something really selective (niche, I would say).

Dear ladies. I will hasten to calm you down.According to my observations, just the same sudden love of cooking and the presence of cupids on the side are rarely related. Well, only if the new passion - the head of the dining room or the restaurant manager. Unlikely, right? So look for the reason in the other.

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Middle age crisis

“The forties are fatal”: if the crisis of a man’s thirtieth anniversary mostly beats his reassessment of his social role (this is the choice of the way, work, development and self-determination in life), then forty is a real disaster. Often a person goes peddling. He thirsts for freedom. And the work is fed up, and habitual hobbies are not encouraging. And in general, everything depreciates. What is important is only the last car of the outgoing train, which you can jump on the go. And the man is jumping!

... And decides to try something that he has never tried before. It happens that a man at all family celebrations and among friends assures that the place of a woman is in the kitchen (barefoot and pregnant is desirable). And then suddenly he himself sharply armed with a ladle and set off on a mysterious journey through fascinating plot turns of cooking.

Tip:do not interfere. Support Praise. Direct.Slip the salt shaker in time or move the jar with the hops-suneli. Do not laugh, for God's sake. On the contrary, encourage, reward, inspire. Call your friends to dinner parties “from Nikolai”, invent thematic weeks (“dear, I suggest to hit the Asian cuisine at the beginning of this month, do you agree?”), Casually send interesting recipes (“oh, I saw this Ilyin's recipe for tiramisu - I'm sure that you will have much tastier and more appetizing ").

In short, women, in this unfortunate event of a crisis, leave a man the right to make decisions: both big and small. Yes! Even in the kitchen! Even if the soup is hopelessly burnt to the bottom of the saucepan. When it comes to the "forties of fate", it is better not to escalate and not to provoke.

It's never too late to change ... work?

Or maybe Nikolai is hiding something? For example, that they want to fire him from work? And quickly master the basics of a new profession? Parallel paying for culinary courses.

It's not easy. It is difficult to radically change the scope of activities without significant changes in life. In most cases, the second "tower" will cost as the wing of the aircraft,campaigns on lectures in some miraculous way will have to be combined with the main (hateful) work. And to find a new place without experience today is almost impossible. And cooking courses are a real way out.

True, the career path is florid: he graduates from Nikolai, for example, a cooking course and will receive a diploma of a third category cook. Before the position of restaurant chef, he will have to go a long way and change at least 4-7 more jobs (or even more). He will work on the workpieces, work hard in the cold and hot workshops, poke at the stove from 12 to 18 hours a day, six days a week, get enviable scars from burns and cuts (a man without scars is not a hero!). Yes, and spit on this thing to hell! For one thing in 20−25 such a path to pass and quite another - in 35−40.

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At 22, I became the head of production of the largest chain of coffee houses in Russia, at the time I had about 140 people under my command. It was a very hard and useful experience. Just imagine - a young, still green, in fact, 22-year-old boy - and suddenly leads a huge team, in which there are people with 20 years of experience, and older than him a half or two times.Mustache men-cooks and brave female pastry chefs with solid experience who are sure that they know everything best of all (and absolutely definitely better than this goldfish). So, such people needed to earn respect and authority. Think it's easy? Is it easy for a 35-year-old uncle, who just came to the kitchen, to prove that he is in his place?

But! In no case I do not dissuade - if your spouse dreamed to try on a chef for the rest of his life and if he finally came to his dream with his own legs, then this is worthy of respect. Any age.

Therefore, if you suspect that your husband is preparing for a new job, lend a helping hand and support. Do not buzz over your ear, do not select olive oil, do not hide a good steak. On the contrary, provide all the opportunities for self-realization, training and proper tuning for a new path.

Perhaps he ... tasteless?

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No, well, really! If a person knows how to hang noodles, make porridge and add oil, does this mean that he is a good cook? Yes, dear ladies ... Sometimes it happens: it seems to you that you are in the kitchen - a goddess, but in fact you only put the kettle perfectly.

I will share a life story: a couple of years ago a young man came to my confectioner's shop for breakfast at exactly the same time. Tall, fit, well-dressed, well-groomed such a normal guy. He always took almost the same thing - an omelet with ham, cheese cakes with sour cream and strong coffee. Well, I really went for a long time - about half a year. And then suddenly stopped. It was just that somehow he was abruptly absent, and in fact every morning always occupied a table by the window. I began to figure out what and how: maybe I found a place closer to home, maybe I discovered something more tasty for myself. It turned out that everything is more prosaic! Two months later, after the “loss”, he returned again - after the cake. I saw him and came to say hello, at the same time and find out where our morning freer had disappeared.

“I really love omelette and cheesecakes. My wife does not know how to cook either. At all. Absolutely not able. She is generally a hell of a cook. And you have no idea how close to her heart she perceives criticism! Crying, screaming, sometimes name-calling. Learning does not want to listen too. I don’t like to cook myself - it’s easier for me to get out early, run over to you and have a quiet breakfast. I dine at work, and we usually have dinner in institutions.I'm hiding from her cooking! ”- this brave man told me (if he reads me now, big hello to him). I laughed for a long time, but then I realized that this was not a joke at all.

It happens that the wife will stand in a position and will not cook at all, saying that it is not her. In this case, the husband will have to look for a replacement for his wife and eat elsewhere. And, perhaps, not only there. No wonder they say that the path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach, and so on. But this is the way of the weaklings. And the way of the strong men is to put on an apron, arm yourself with a cookbook and ... start preparing yourself.

Tip:As a rule, men like to eat tasty food and do not like when they are deprived of this pleasure. I recommend to the peasants, before getting married, to try cooking my darling. And if the wife does not taste good, this is a reason to teach her, to set a good example. This can be done in different ways, trying not to offend your spouse; let's say to cook with your wife, showing exactly how you like to cook this or that dish.

Tasty movies and no dirty trick

Well, the last option - the movie. I'm serious! After the cartoon "Ratatouille" he grabbed himself in an armful and ran to the kitchen to create. Well, I, of course, obsessed, and almost from childhood.And the husband is worse? Maybe he was still in the sandbox in the distant 80s sitting and sculpted not just “waders”, but “croissants with caramel cream”? Did not think about it?

And here is a film that was watched, perhaps even together - this very film gave impetus, inspired and inspired!

“Spices and Passions”, “Chocolate”, “Chef”, “Eat, pray, love”, “Toast” - such pictures are the sea! Nikolai Kintso looked at the night, and next morning he woke up by another person. Give, thinks like in the movie, I will try - I really want to remember my childhood and in general! Women see cooking as something personal, while men take pride in the food itself and can abstract it from the person consuming it. They are creators! Guys, especially here such sudden "lovers" - these are artists from cooking, they cook for the sake of art!

And you know what else? Much has been laid since childhood: probably, in his family men were not allowed to go to the stove. Did not think about it? Like, it's not a kid's business - to cook. And he, maybe, always wanted the potatoes to fall asleep himself in borscht!

Tip:give him one, but decently expensive knife. Chef such a knife. A good cutting board, good quality. Saucepan sensible and literate pan.If he, under the influence of television programs or cinema, decided to “go to the chef,” then, therefore, it had long since matured, grew and waited in the wings. This is a small inner child outside asked for. Do not dare to offend the child! Give him a skimmer, bless and in peace, let him go to the stove.

The conclusions are as follows. Dear women, if a man suddenly sharply decided to love cooking, then there is nothing wrong with that. Many men love to cook very much, but they hide carefully, fearing that their wives will immediately store them in the kitchen. And there are so many interesting things around, one Internet is worth it. If you and Nikolay do not want to cook tonight, look at my light! I will teach you to make millefeu of veal with eggplants. Will then be in the creative alliance in the kitchen to create it.

Your Oleg Ilyin.

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