What does a heart tattoo mean?

The times when tattoos were the prerogative of brutal men and were perceived extremely negatively have long gone. Today it is not only a way to decorate the body and emphasize an individual style, but also a real opportunity to change destiny, directing it in a new direction. No wonder all esotericism assert the importance of the selected symbol and its place on the body. One of the most popular not only among the beautiful half of humanity, but also in the circle of guys is a tattoo in the shape of a heart. What is the meaning of this sign, and what are the most popular examples of its application?

Symbolism of "heart" tattoo

Many centuries ago, people understood that it is the heart that is the source of the whole range of emotions a person experiences. They can see and feel, it can hurt and be torn from anxiety, resentment and disappointment, in it gardens and birds bloom from happiness and love, they make important intuitive decisions. Not surprisingly, all these emotions can be reflected in the tattoo, depending on the identity of the owner and the integrity of the composition of the picture.

There are several of the most popular options for the image of this symbol:

  • In the frame of the inscription, often with the name. This sign indicates a great love for the specified person or the significance of any event in the life of the owner of the tattoo. For example, the presence of flags may mean loyalty to a particular country or a passion for travel.
  • With wings that symbolizes first love with pure thoughts. The presence of a rose will also tell about tender feelings.
  • With a stuck arrow. This means that love brings torment to the owner. If the heart pierces a sword, spear, dagger or nail, this indicates a mental injury inflicted by a close person or treason. Almost the same value and broken heart, indicating a disappointment in love.
  • Surrounded by church symbols: crosses, angels, nimbus. Such a tattoo expresses respect and devotion to religion.
  • With a nearby keyhole and key. Such a sign gives the person concerned about the search for his second half. If this tattoo is made by a pair of lovers, they want to emphasize their perfect compatibility and spiritual affinity. Heart halves impaled by two lovers have a similar meaning. Often they are stuffed on their hands. In this case, the combination of the halves creates a whole composition.But if one person decides to make such a tattoo, most likely, he feels himself “cut in two” by the betrayal of his beloved.
  • A heart with arrows and swords located around but not piercing it is a sign of strength and courage. Such a tattoo was very popular with medieval knights.

It should be noted that the closer the drawing is to the owner's heart, the more importance he puts in the meaning of the tattoo.

Color matters

In addition to the direct composition, the chosen color range is of considerable importance. For symbols bearing a sad and tragic tint, the choice of darker colors is characteristic: black, dark blue. But for romantic scenes, bright and cheerful colors are more suitable.

Golden tone means love for the Almighty, and white color traditionally symbolizes a person who has dedicated his life to caring for sick people. No wonder these tattoos are popular with volunteers.

Differences of female compositions

Symbols of this tattoo do not differ in gender. The difference, as a rule, consists in choosing its size and location. The great advantage of such a tattoo is the ability to do both large-scale drawings, and to put very small characters.Due to this, the heart is one of the few tattoos that looks harmoniously on any part of the body, for example, on a finger or neck.

Men often prefer volumetric compositions located on the back, chest and shoulders. The girl, most likely, will choose a graceful heart on a wrist, a waist or an ankle.

As you can see, a tattoo in the form of a heart, depending on the general idea of ​​the pattern and the colors chosen, can carry a huge range of both positive and negative emotions: from love and devotion to hate and grief. Therefore, you should responsibly choose the composition, not focusing on short-term feelings, but remembering that the tattoo will become your faithful companion for life.

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