What color is topaz?

Topaz is a semi-precious stone that is highly valued in the jewelry industry, despite the affordable price of aluminum silicate crystals. Minerals can be of various colors, so any collector wants to become the owner of a rare specimen. Some topaz are sold exclusively at auctions, because in the world there are few such stones.
Mostly topazam in nature is characterized by a colorless, transparent structure. The reason for the appearance of such a diverse palette of shades is the ingress of the mineral iron, vanadium, titanium, chromium and other impurities into the atomic lattice.

Color options for topaz

In nature, the most common variety of topaz, mined in the bowels of the earth is White, a white mineral. Such a stone with a colorless surface is used in industrial production, where the coating of the crystal is heated and the shade required by the jeweler is obtained.

What color is topaz?

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In the XXI century on the international market it is customary to distinguish the following colors of topaz:

  • Green is the rarest and most expensive type of aluminum silicate with rich color and transparent structure; green shades are formed on the surface of the forming mineral due to the influence of the radiation field.
  • "Tea" - semi-precious stones with a pale yellow color, opaque and difficult to process.
  • Orange-red - crystals with unique bright maroon shades, visually reminiscent of rubies; however, yellow, golden and orange colors invariably “play” on the surface of the stones, emphasizing the uniqueness and “individuality” of topazes.
  • “Azotic” is an amazingly beautiful mineral, on the cover of which blue, green, violet, burgundy and golden shades harmoniously “coexist”; It does not occur in nature, and therefore is manufactured by an annealing method.
  • "Imperial" is an amazing color of the mineral, in which pink-red, orange-yellow, maroon and golden shades are harmoniously combined; such natural topazes do not lose their structural properties over time and do not fade.
  • Yellow is a popular type of topaz, with which most visitors to jewelry stores are familiar.
  • "Wine" - stones on the surface of which golden, brown, light yellow and purple shades poured; under the influence of sunlight, the stones burn out and lose their aesthetic appearance, acquiring a faded palette of colors.
  • Silver is a kind of colorless mineral with a transparent structure.
  • "Champagne" - soft golden tones, "playing" on the mineral cover create an airy and gentle image of the crystalline rock.
  • Brown - topaz from this category rarely retain a natural color and fall on the shelves of jewelry stores in its original form; the influence in natural conditions of the sun's rays disperses the brown tint, discoloration of the stone.
  • Pink - natural crystals with such a pure tone are mined only in Sri Lanka, in the USA and Mexico.
  • "Mystic" - stones from the class of semi-precious with shades of purple, blue and green colors belong to the rainbow topaz; Such crystals are not found in nature, therefore they are created artificially using an annealing technique.
  • Rutile - minerals with a colorless surface, but with organic inclusions of limonite, creating an amazing “pattern” inside the topaz; visually similar to rutile quartz.
  • "Saxon chrysolite" - collection stones with a matte greenish-yellow coating, rarely found in nature.
  • Purple is the rarest kind of crystals that are mined in a “natural” way; semi-precious stones with rich purple color are highly valued in the international market.

Among the varieties of aluminum silicates in the jewelry world is ranked rauchtopaz. However, gemologists claim that such a mineral is a form of smoky quartz, belonging to the group of crystalline silica.

What color is topaz?

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The most popular color of topaz

The most popular coloring of aluminum silicate in the world of jewelry is blue topaz, which gemologists classify according to the saturation of shades into three types:

  1. Sky Blue - a semiprecious stone of light blue color, comparable with shades of a cloudless sky; occurs in nature or is obtained by thermal processing of the mineral.
  2. Swiss Blue - Aluminum silicate saturated bright blue hue appears after annealing colorless topaz.
  3. London Blue - a mineral with a dark blue surface on which green or gray shades shimmer; color is created using stone heat from categories White or Silver.

Based on the uniformity and saturation of the tone, the price of a jewelry with topaz is determined. Gemologists take into account the transparency and the origin of the mineral - in the jewelry world, natural crystals are valued more than synthetic stones.

Natural topaz can be polychrome and monotone - the number of colors is determined by the degree of burning of the surface of the mineral

The color palette of topaz allows you to choose a jewelry with a semi-precious stone in accordance with their own preferences. Aluminum silicates patronize the signs of the zodiac, depending on the hue of the mineral, so before you buy jewelry, be sure to check out the color of topaz.

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