What can be cooked from the sea cocktail

Seafood Soup

Pretreat the mixture of sea cocktail with boiling water (pour the boiling water over seafood or boil for 10-15 minutes), let it dry in a colander. At the same time, heat a spoonful of vegetable or olive oil in a frying pan, fry onions and garlic until golden on them. In a separate saucepan, mix the grill and seafood. Cut the tomato and bell pepper into cubes, and fry over low heat, stirring constantly. Add roasted vegetables to seafood with onions and garlic, pour tomato juice into a saucepan and let it all cook over low heat. Add to the pan and spices, best of all - saffron and a mixture of Provencal herbs. Bring the soup to a boil. After all, add a spoonful of lemon juice to the pan, stir and boil the soup for another 5 minutes.
If you wish, you can add an egg to the soup. In a small bowl, beat a couple of eggs, then pour them into the boiling soup in a thin stream,constantly stirring the liquid. Turn off the heat and let stew for 5 minutes.

Pasta with seafood

To make pasta with seafood, you need pasta, seafood cocktail, 10% cream, cheese, vegetable and olive oil, garlic, black pepper and leek.
In the boiling water, send the pasta. While they are boiling, fry the garlic in olive oil. Add seafood to it. If you bought a boiled-frozen cocktail, you can not boil it beforehand, you just need to defrost it. Simmer the mixture in cream over high heat for about 5 minutes. Slow fire, add cheese and leek to the pan. Simmer another 5-7 minutes.
Drain the pasta, add olive oil with pepper (to taste). Put them on plates, adding cooked seafood sauce parallel to boiled pasta. If desired, you can again sprinkle all the cheese and decorate with basil leaves.

Seafood salad

For the preparation of seafood salad you must purchase sea cocktail, green salad or dill, parsley or leeks, garlic, cherry tomatoes and avocado. For dressing - olive oil and black pepper.
Boil seafood in boiling water (3-5 minutes), drain the water, dry the product. In the meantime, lay lettuce leaves or greens on a plate. Cut the avocado and cherry tomatoes in small slices, put on the greens. Squeeze garlic on top. Spread on the resulting mass of seafood, mix gently, and pour the sauce of olive oil and black pepper.

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