What are the criteria to choose a guy

"I was once a strange, nameless toy"

At the very beginning of the relationship, it is necessary to clearly understand that it is impossible to mold something desired from a chosen one. Neither rehabilitate nor criticize. And to give a personality, which it does not seem to him, is generally ridiculous. Therefore, it is important to love not an invented ideal, a kind of standard from the future, but quite a real person. There is a very simple and wise idea: “a horse should be in apples, not a prince”. However, it is important to remember that in a person there is both good and bad. What matters is what is greater.

“I look at you like in a mirror”

Whatever may be said about the magnetism of the antipodes, the girl and the guy must have points of contact. Common interests, friends, hobbies, views - it does not matter. Otherwise, life will turn into existence in parallel worlds. If a young man can only talk about himself, but not listen, if he cannot be approached, lean on and complain that his shoes are too tight, if he doesn’t penetrate and pat his head,he will not become that notorious stone wall. The girl herself nails the nail if necessary, and earns money, and she also spends it wisely. But the feeling of support and understanding from a loved one is worth it.
When evaluating the guy you like, it is not a bad idea to find out his attitude towards the mother. Trite, but it is a reflection of his communication style with the rest of the fair sex. The guy should respect and appreciate the girl. Being courteous, polite and not forgetting trust in a relationship.
If a guy knows how to admit mistakes or that he doesn't know something, if he knows how to accept help, that's fine. Of course, perseverance and the desire for independence is great. But not reckless.
No matter how emancipated Europeans rejoice, having a man have his own opinion, the feeling that he is not led and can lead is priceless. If a guy only absorbs, absorbs with a sponge, but gives nothing in return and only blindly agrees to someone's ideas, without bothering himself with fantasy and inventing his own, you should think about what he will later give to the children, how will he cope with his infantilism?
It is also important, and such a property as ease of recovery.With an avid homebody, a sense of cage may appear, crushing four walls. And if he begins to be jealous of a girl for her campaigns somewhere alone - it is quite a disaster. Therefore, the love of travel and the desire to learn and novelty (without fanaticism) are quite important qualities.
Mind, intellect, erudition. If all this is in the guy, he will never be ashamed. If all this is combined with good taste, sense of style and vision of beauty, then, as they say, “wrap, I take!”.
Of course, each girl has her own ideals and criteria, which the elect must definitely have. Do not forget only that there are sometimes shortcomings with them.

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