What are the candles for hemorrhoids

Advantages of using candles

Candles for hemorrhoids are prescribed for various forms of the disease, but they are especially effective in the formation of internal hemorrhoids. Rectal suppositories are designed to relieve such unpleasant symptoms as pain in the anus, itching and swelling. Candles heal damaged tissue, suppress the inflammatory process, strengthen blood vessels, prevent the emergence of new nodes and the opening of bleeding.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids are also used tablets, ointments, but the candles have certain advantages, which include:

  • local effect on the focus of inflammation;
  • a small list of contraindications;
  • complex effects on the body;
  • ease of use;
  • long shelf life.

Candles can be used in patients with problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Types of candles for hemorrhoids

Modern pharmaceutical companies produce many varieties of rectal suppositories.Medicines differ in their properties, principle of action. Choosing a drug, you need to focus on the nature of the pathology and the individual characteristics of the organism. In pharmacies, you can buy candles, anticoagulants, hemostatics, anesthetics, venotonics, immunomodulators, as well as hormonal or homeopathic preparations.


Suppositories belonging to this group, improve blood circulation by reducing blood viscosity, prevent the occurrence of blood clots, improve vascular tone. They contain heparin as the main active ingredient. This category of drugs include candles:

  • "Hepatrombin G" (you can use the drug when there are already formed blood clots in the anus);
  • "Nigepan" (two-component agent containing heparin and anesthetic agent);


When using hemostatic blood vessels are narrowed. They also restore their epithelial and relieve inflammation. These candles are used for rectal bleeding with hemorrhoids. The drugs are not prescribed for thromboembolism and a reduced number of granulocytes in the blood.

The category of hemostatic include candles:

  • "Relief" (contain phenylephrine and shark liver oil);
  • "Natalcid" (suppositories due to the presence of sodium alginate).


Suppositories, anesthetics prescribed for the occurrence of severe pain on the background of inflammation of hemorrhoids. Drugs reduce sensitivity in the anus and help improve well-being. Most often, they are complex and not only relieve pain, but also have a healing effect.

Such suppositories-anesthetics are popular as:

  • "Anestezol" (effective in exacerbation of the disease);
  • "Ichthyol" (can be used in the initial stages of hemorrhoids).

Venotonics and angioprotectors

Venotonics strengthen blood vessels, lower the permeability of capillary and venous walls, promote healing of tissues and accelerate the flow of regenerative processes. With the appearance of microscopic cracks in the anus of the venotonic, it is most preferable to use. The following drugs are highly effective:

  • "Methyluracil" (inexpensive drug with the same active substance);
  • Procto-Glevenol (improves blood circulation).

Hormonal candles

Hormonal candles for hemorrhoids are prescribed for severe itching in the area of ​​the anus. They are considered not safe, as there are many contraindications to their use.

To hormonal rectal suppository include:

  • "Ultraprokt" (effective due to the content of the corticosteroid flucortolone);
  • "Relief Ultra" (contains hydrocortisone and shark liver oil, as well as zinc sulfate);
  • "Proktosedil M" (a multicomponent preparation containing hydrocortisone acetate and painkillers).


Candles belonging to the group of immunomodulators, locally increase immunity. As a result, the damaged areas of the mucous membranes recover faster. The most effective are:

  • "Posterizan" (contains inactivated bacteria);
  • "Posterizan forte" (contains inactivated bacteria and the hormone hydrocortisone).

Homeopathic suppositories and plant-based suppositories

Homeopathic hemorrhoidal candles have a very mild effect on the body and have almost no contraindications. But their use is not always justified.The analgesic effect of such suppositories is minimal. Candles with herbal ingredients are effective at the initial stage of hemorrhoid development and as an integral part of complex therapy. The most effective drugs in this group are:

"Olestezin" (suppositories with the addition of sea buckthorn oil);

"Betiol" (contain Ichthyol and belladonna extract);

"Propolis DN" (homeopathic medicine with the addition of propolis).

Many products are combined. They perform several functions at once. The simultaneous reception of suppositories from different groups is possible, but first you need to get the appropriate appointment from your doctor. It is possible to supplement with candles external treatment.

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