What are scleral soft contact lenses?

Type of scleral lenses

Externally, scleral soft lenses have a very diverse appearance. Unlike conventional contact lenses, they have a much larger size (22 mm), and either a natural pattern of a healthy eye or another image is applied to their surface. Scleral lenses with elements of a horror movie are very popular today - they can look like the eyes of a demon, a vampire, and so on, and also be completely black or white, which greatly enhances the supernatural effect of such lenses.
Scleral lenses are officially banned for sale in America, because they increase the risk of deterioration and even loss of vision.
The main purpose of scleral lenses is masking of congenital or acquired eye defects. In addition, they are prescribed to people with chemical corneal damage or high sensitivity, lack of iris, thinning of the corneal margin, reduction of the eyeball, and so on.For the manufacture of modern scleral lenses using special polymeric materials that allow oxygen to pass through. To reduce the discomfort of wearing them, the space between the lens and the eye is poured with a special solution that saves the eyeball from irritation.

Wearing scleral lenses

If you need to wear scleral soft lenses caused by medical or cosmetic need, you should select or order them exclusively from professional manufacturers. The process of manufacturing high-quality contact lenses of this kind usually takes from 3 months to six months - while the client will have to visit the manufacturer at least eight times to take measurements, try on the workpiece and get used to them.
In no case is it recommended to purchase scleral lenses in online stores, where they often sell low-quality products.
When choosing soft scleral lenses, it should be remembered that they are a specific product and are not suitable for everyone. Their disadvantages include severe vision distortion, rapid eye fatigue and the appearance of a tunnel effect.In addition, scleral lenses are strictly prohibited to use while driving. Poor quality polymer material such lenses can lead to corneal edema, and poor or improper care for them significantly increases the risk of developing various eye infections.

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