What are mittens

You will need
  • yarn, crochet hook, knitting needles, needle, thread in tone of the product, decorative elements for decoration
The most common model of mitts - knitted version. These accessories not only look very original and stylish, but also protect your hands from the effects of cold. Of course, at too low temperatures, mitts will not save your fingers from freezing, but on cold spring and autumn days will be an ideal addition to your wardrobe.
Knitted mitts
Decorative mitts for most needlewomen can be an original way to show their imagination. You can decorate gloves by any means, however, mittens are most often encountered with crocheted applications, laces and fur pom-poms.
Decorative mitts
For those who love bright accessories, be sure to look for mittens with decorative elements or crocheted. Openwork patterns are pleasing to the eye and distinguish their owner from the crowd due to their originality. Fishnet mitts can be worn even with light sweaters and dresses."Wedding" mitts, crocheted from very thin threads, are becoming increasingly popular.
Fishnet mitts
There is also a separate type of mitts - children's version. Thanks to her own imagination, even the smallest girl can be turned into a stylish lady. Children's mitts are decorated with numerous decorative elements, applications, knit in the form of heroes of favorite cartoons.

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