Why use compression tights?

With the problem of varicose veins, unfortunately, today almost every second woman and every fourth man encounters. This is not surprising, because it is the lower limbs that are always under load: just think, every day our legs can withstand from 40 to 100 kg of weight, with almost all the day being in an upright position.

Lovers of high heels, as well as those ladies who are accustomed to sitting in the famous "leg on foot" position, need to be especially careful, because such female "things" sometimes are very insidious. Did you know that due to the incorrect position of the legs the blood circulation process is disturbed, as a result of which the normal blood flow in the veins is lost and varicose veins develop.

If you have never heard of such a disease, then we will tell you a little about it. Due to irregular blood flow, internal vessels stretch, lose their natural elasticity and, as a result, bluish nodes form on the body parts of the body, most often on the surface of the legs.

Perhaps now it will seem to you that this is a disease of old grandmothers, which will not affect you for another 30 years, but it was not there, the first symptoms of varicose veins begin already at a young age.

This is the initial stage, which is manifested by edema and increased fatigue of the legs, with small vascular "asterisks" on the skin surface. The subsequent stages of the disease manifest themselves in the form of protruding nodes and veins, pain and severe edema.

Compression tights - this is the best prevention and also an excellent method of treatment of this disease. Usually, when the above symptoms occur, the patient turns to a specialist who, in addition to drug treatment, changes in diet and exercise, will definitely recommend to purchase compression hosiery.

Here the question immediately arises, how to choose such an element of wardrobe? In fact, it is represented by a fairly wide range of products, but today we will talk only about pantyhose and stockings.

The essence of the therapeutic effect?

How can compression tights help with varicose veins? In fact, treatment with pressure bandages or bandages has existed since time immemorial, it was described in the works of the earliest researchers in medical science.

The main principle of the effect is that such linen creates pressure of varying degrees in different parts of the limbs. That is, in the area of ​​the ankle and ankle - it is maximum, in the area of ​​the knee - decreases, and to the thigh - the minimum, there is no pressure on the stomach at all. Due to this principle, the compression knit helps to increase the rate of outflow of blood through the veins from the lowest points of our body.

If you have noticed that your spider veins appeared on your legs, then it is likely that it is time to get compression tights, which, due to their special structure, create an additional frame, which prevents excessive stretching of the veins.

Additional pressure and compression protects soft tissues from swelling, reduces the feeling of fatigue in the muscles. Due to the special mechanism of pressure, the blood does not stagnate in one place, which is the prevention of thrombosis.

What are the?

They are the most popular form of medical underwear, by the way, there are special models for pregnant women. In general, it is recommended to wear it to all ladies in early pregnancy, even in the caseif visible signs of varicose veins are not observed. At a later date should consult with a specialist.

For all others, there are prophylactic and therapeutic tights, they will differ, both in price and degree of compression, which must necessarily be indicated on the packaging.

Prophylactic tights include class 1 models (not more than 23 mm. Hg. Art.), Then there are three more classes that differ in the degree of pressure and must be assigned directly by a specialist, depending on the course of the disease.

Preventive underwear can be purchased in stores with regular underwear, without a doctor's prescription, all other compression classes necessarily require consultation with a phlebologist, otherwise their legs can be badly hurt.

How to choose?

In specialized centers and pharmacies you can find a fairly wide range of compression garments from various manufacturers, for example, Relaxcan, Intex, ORTO, Medi and others. Basically, they differ in design and degree of wear resistance.

For example, German manufacturers are considered the highest quality, though, and the price of their products speaks for itself.It is worth noting that not everyone can wear such pantyhose, some complain of heavy pressure and, as a result, putting on pantyhose a couple of times, they refuse medical linen.

In order not to waste money, initially find out if you have any contraindications, and then get a simpler and cheaper version of tights. If you feel that you are coping with the sock of such underwear, then the following set can be purchased already from a better manufacturer.

It is very important to guess with the size, since the compression underwear practically does not last. To do this, at home, you need to carefully measure the shin circumference at the top and bottom, the amount of girth, waist circumference and hips, and then the length of the foot from foot to groin, you can additionally measure the length from the foot to the knee.

Remember that different manufacturers may have different size tables, so the data you receive must be compared with tabular ones.

How to wear?

  • Immediately after waking up, without getting out of bed, be careful not to allow additional twisting or stretching.
  • The palms are inserted into the pantyhose, gently assemble the upper part of the accordion and pull on the foot.
  • The harmonica is gradually straightened on the shin, and then, in the prone position, it is pulled over the hips and reached the waist line.
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