Wen under eyes: causes, methods of struggle

Causes of Wen

The causes of the appearance of wen under eyes are not yet fully understood. Some health care providers associate their appearance with the presence of unusual cells that are already present from birth.
Wen appears in connection with impaired metabolic processes, improper diet (especially with systematic overeating), but it can appear with a well-built physique, as a rule, it occurs when the hormones in the body fail, diabetes, thyroid disease, kidney disease.
The reasons can be attributed and not enough correct lifestyle, reduced vitality of the body. This disease can also be inherited, from parents to children.
Wen under the eyes are formed in both women and men, regardless of age. However, most often suffer from this disease men. At first, when education is only emerging, its size is about two millimeters, but then they can reach several centimeters.

Treatment for Wen

At the beginning of treatment, a wen is examined in order to determine further actions. With the help of inspection and palpation is estimated the size of the wen and its progression. Treatment is prescribed only after the diagnosis and identification of the causes of the appearance of the tumor. If the cause is a disease of the internal organs, malnutrition, then after the treatment the lipomas will quickly disappear and will not leave a trace.
In modern cosmetology there is a huge number of procedures for the removal of wen, the best of which is laser (it is the most safe and gentle, minimal risk of scarring and scarring on the face).
If the neoplasm is growing rapidly and has a large size, brings a sensation of pain, and also affects the vision, the decision is made to remove it surgically using local anesthesia.
Self-piercing, squeezing of a wen is strictly not recommended, since this can lead to infection and scarring on the face.
There are many methods for eliminating wen. But first, it is necessary to determine the true cause of the disease and eradicate it, because if you treat only the cosmetic component of the skin, the wen will appear again and again.The main thing is not to give up and not to self-medicate, but as soon as possible to go to see a specialist.

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