Wedding girlfriend. We sing about love!

Wedding is an important event in the life of every girl. And here it is very important not to make a mistake with the gift. Especially when the bride is your best friend.
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What to give a friend for the wedding?
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Once you played dolls together, learned to paint yourself, discussed the boys and gathered for dates. But very soon your friend will change the status and become the wife of her beloved man. You are infinitely happy for her, but you still haven't decided what to present to your friend for the wedding.

When choosing a gift for a loved one, I want to move away from banal and simple solutions. You already know that young people will be given bed linen, cutlery, money and things useful in the household. And your gift to your friend for the wedding should be bright, unusual and understandable to you two - just like your friendship.

An original gift can be some kind of creative number in your performance. For example, you can give a song to the young.

The song as a gift to a friend for the wedding will surprise and delight the bride and all the guests. But in order to make a pleasant impression on everyone, it is worth preparing for a gift in advance.

First you should decide which song you will play.Maybe you and your girlfriend have some kind of your own song? Such a nostalgic gift necessarily touches the bride to tears. However, the best solution would be to write a song specifically for the wedding.

If you have a talent for versification, congratulations! - half of the work has already been done. In another case, it is worth looking for a good author whose poems you like. You can inadvertently consult with your girlfriend about the work of this or that poet. Her comments will allow you to make the right choice.

Also do not forget about the music. Sometimes music can say more than words. Do not lose sight of this moment and find a good composer as early as possible. However, the motive should not be complex, you should be comfortable singing.

One of the most important moments in creating a gift are your rehearsals. You should not put everything off for the last moment, hoping to hit your vocal data without a single rehearsal. If you have never sang before, you should think about vocal lessons. They will not only learn your song with you, but also teach you how to breathe and sing beautifully.

Only careful preparation and responsible approach to each stage of creating a song will allow you to make the best gift. Do not be afraid to depart from accepted traditions.

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