Weave a knife case from Paracord

We make a comfortable and reliableParacord knife case for wearing on a belt. This cover is very useful during a hike, doing sports and taking active leisure. Using this technique, you can weave the cover not only for the knife, but also for the phone and other items that need protection and which should always be at hand.

Materials and tools:

  1. The Paracord cord is red and black;
  2. Swiss knife;
  3. scissors and lighter.

Step 1

First we'll woven the basis of the future cover of the required length from the red cord of Paracord. The basis of the tattoos is like a bracelet, we use the knot of Solomon for weaving.

The process of weaving is well shown in the photo. The node repeats and after we reach the last photo, we start repeating from the third photo.

On one side of the bracelet should remain a loop.After the end of weaving, we burn the ends of the cord with a lighter.

Step 2

After the end of the weaving of the base should turn out as shown in the photo.

Step 3

Now we wrap the knife with the resulting base (you can fix it with something), weave the side walls of the cover from black Paracord. This step is even simpler than the previous one and is well shown in the photo.

At one end of the cord we tie a knot, then threading the other end through the base, first weave across, and then lengthwise - twisting the cords together. It should make a chess pattern.

Repeating this step, weave the other side of the cover.

Step 4

It remains to weave the holder into which the belt is being passed. Also, as in Step 1, we weave a segment using the Solomon knot for weaving.Then, without cutting the ends of the cord, weave them into the case. We cut the ends of the cord and burn it with a lighter.

All,Paracord knife coveris ready.

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