We wallow and look: 6 new series of March

In March, the star-filled "Feud" with Jessica Lang and Susan Sarandon, a series about the superhero Iron Fist, a project about complex relationships between teenagers and the comedy show "Imaginary Mary" about a pretty white creature, giving valuable advice.


Release date: March 5

We were terribly sorry when Jessica Lang left the series “American Horror Story”. But now she is returning in the new ironic showrunner Ryan Murphy's project! Together with her, we will see other actors from the AHS team: Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates, as well as Catherine Zetu-Jones, Stanley Tucci, Alfred Molina, Judy Davis and, finally, Susan Sarandon.

The series “Hostility” is devoted to the fierce confrontation between two great Hollywood actresses - Joan Crawford (played by Jessica Lang) and Bett Davis (played by Susan Sarandon). In the early 60s of the last century, filmmaker Robert Aldrich took a big risk by inviting two elderly divas hating each other to star in his film “What happened to Baby Jane?”.Psychological thriller about two sisters, always competing with each other, took place not only in front of the camera, but also on the set. Make a story in history, a series about how the movie was shot, quite in the spirit of Ryan Murphy. This eight-part project was produced by Brad Pitt, Ryan Murphy, Jessica Lang and Susan Sarandon.

“Making history”

Release date: March 5

A comedy series from the Fox channel about the time travel of two ridiculous friends from the university. They are not the most common ways to change American history, assert themselves and find love. Starring Adam Pally, Yasser Lester and Leighton Meester.

"Epoch beyond the Epoch"

Release date: March 5

A screen version of the science fiction novel Karl Alexander about the writer HG Wells and the bloody maniac Jack the Ripper.

In London in 1893, HG Wells invents a time machine. Policemen rush into the car’s presentation, and one of the guests, a college friend of Wells, surgeon Leslie John Stefanson, suddenly jumps into the machine and disappears. As it turned out, under the mask of an old friend hiding maniac killer. To find him, HG Wells is sent to a distant future.

"Iron Fist"

Release date: March 17

Netflix is ​​launching a TV series about Marvel's superhero nicknamed Iron Fist.

Danny Rand as a child survived a plane crash and became a great warrior who owned kung fu and knew how to pierce the walls with a magic fist. Now he is fighting crime in New York.

The role of the superhero was played by English actor Finn Jones, known for his participation in the “Game of Thrones” (Finn was refined by Loras Tyrell, Knight of Flowers).

Soon, Iron Fist, along with Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, will be the hero of the “Defenders” crossover series. 

"Imaginary Mary"

Release date: March 29

Comedy series about a woman named Alice, who falls in love with a charming man, a divorced father of three children. How to improve relations with a guy who has a teenage son, a mean bad daughter and a naughty little girl? In this, Alice is helped by her imaginary friend, an optimistic and wise creature of white and round shape named Mary.

"13 reasons why"

Release date: March 31

The series from the channel Netflix, filmed on the story of Jay Asher.

The girl, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide, blames twelve teenagers, including the main character Clay Jensen. Clay was in love with Hannah at school and could not imagine what would be one of the reasons for her death.

This is a series about teen harassment and the coldness of the world, about how difficult it is to survive alone. And also about what Hannah wrote: “No one knows for sure what impact he has on the lives of other people. Sometimes we do not even realize that the fate and lives of others depend on our actions or words. ”

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