Warm water floor

Recently, the floor with water heating is becoming more and more popular. The prototype for its creation was the Swedish technology. The use of warm floors give advantages such as comfort, convenience and most importantly - economy. It becomes obvious that heating the premises with batteries is far from the only option.

Independence of the heating system allows you to select and set the desired temperature automatically. Warm indoor air will be distributed from the bottom up, it will make being in such a room more comfortable. Legs with this type of heating will always be warm. The microclimate in the room, created by water heating, built into the floor, will always be more favorable than heating by wall radiators.


The heating system through the floor allows you to set the desired temperature in each individual room individually. Due to the lower heating, the room does not appear strongly heated and cold areas. With converter or air heating, the heat distribution will be uneven. To date, there are different tariffs for electricity payments day and night.With the use of a warm water floor system, it becomes very important, as it allows you to set and maintain the temperature for different times of the day automatically. The air circulation is limited by the floor heating temperature, which is twenty-two to twenty-six degrees, which eliminates the rise of large dust masses.

Create comfortable conditions not only in the house and apartment, but also in large production areas, this is all in the power of a floor with water heating. It consists of pipes, which are the main component of water heating. The most comfortable temperature is obtained due to the fact that the floor heating is uniform.

Warm water floor is out of competition with other heating systems, due to its savings. Basically, such systems are installed in private homes. In multi-storey houses, with a large number of apartments, it is better not to use such a system as it does not affect the overall hydraulic system. It is not necessary to connect to the water supply pipes with hot water, it is unlikely to please the residents located in the neighborhood. The exceptions are those apartment buildings, where there are special, separately allocated risers, to which you can connect a water-heated floor.

Alternative to the water floor, the floor is electric, but the cost of electricity will be very appreciable. If you want to save money, it's better to choose a floor with water heating. It will reduce the load on the wiring and you do not have to put additional equipment. But the electric system, despite the costs, also has its advantages. You can make heated mirrors in the bathroom or provide heating windows, so as not to sweat. Water floor heating is an excellent alternative for economical heating of your home.

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