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Few of us can boast of a good passport photo. Most often, people try to hide this document away so that no one of my acquaintances can see this sullen expression on a face of uncertain age. After all, we ourselves are not like this picture.

What is the reason for the unsuccessful photo?

As a rule, the fact that the photograph in the passport turned out to be unfortunate is our own fault. Of course, a bad photographer may be caught, but more often than not it is not his unprofessionalism, but the fact that his opportunities are very limited, since he can photograph us only in full face. From this perspective, he simply will not be able to hide all the flaws of our face and emphasize its merits.

Usually in a photo studio a lot of people flow, and a photographer to take our picture can spend only a few minutes, and it all depends on us what this photo will be like. In addition, we often treat this process with negligence. Just think, the photo in the passport.

We will not show it to everyone, so there is nothing to worry about how we look in this picture. But meanwhile in life there are quite a few cases when it is necessary to show your passport. And then we have to blush and be embarrassed when someone, looking at this document, begins to doubt that we are in the picture.

We do not attach importance to the fact that the photo is pasted into the passport not for one year, but for decades, and it is very important how we will look in this picture, because the opportunity to change it will not appear soon.

That is why you should seriously consider this process, and it is best to prepare for it in advance, so that there is no such situation when you are in a hurry to decide what you are taking pictures of and make up in a hurry, and then reap the benefits A terrible photo that is a shame to someone to show.

In order to prevent this from happening, you just need to adhere to a few rules that will help you look good in a passport photo.

Rules for a successful photo

  1. Good makeup. Since 70% of the picture will occupy your face, and a bright flash will surely reveal all its flaws, it is very important that your makeup helps to hide them and emphasizes all your virtues.To do this, it is not necessary to resort to the services of a makeup artist. You can handle it yourself. Moreover, the main requirement for appearance is naturalness. No need to do evening makeup for a passport photo.

So, here are a few secrets of proper makeup:

  • Even tone of face. So that you do not have dark circles under your eyes, you need to get a good night's sleep, and it's advisable not to drink too much liquid, otherwise you'll wake up with a swollen face and bags under your eyes. Also, one day before taking a photo, you can make a face mask suitable for your skin type. It is better to do peels and other cosmetic procedures a few days before filming, since the reddening may not have time to get off in time. In order to remove some imperfections of the skin, you need to use a corrector and foundation.
  • Relief. As you know, lighting directly in the face, and a bright flash make your face flat in the picture. To add relief to your facial features, you can use cosmetics such as concealer or bronzer. With their help, you can highlight the cheekbones and nose.And in order to lighten the convex parts of the face, and thus add volume to them, you need to use a highlighter, after which you should fix all the powder.
  • Expressive eyes. The first thing you notice when looking at a photo in your passport is your eyes, since during the shooting you look directly into the camera lens. Therefore, we must try to distinguish them, but without excesses. Do not do too bright, causing makeup. It is enough to hold small, classic arrows and make up the eyelashes with mascara. Also, do not forget about the eyebrows, as they frame the eyes, and help them to make more expressive.
  • Natural color of lips. In the photograph in the documents you should look as natural as possible, and bright lipstick or gloss in this does not help you. It is better not to paint your lips at all, or you can slightly highlight them with lipstick that is close in color to the natural color of your lips. You can also use a balm to moisturize them.
  1. Neat hairstyle. An important role in a successful photo is played by a hairstyle. Just one naughty curl can ruin the whole picture, even if you have the perfect makeup.Therefore, you need to take care that your hair is also flawless. For this, it is not necessary to do a complicated hairstyle. Simply wash your hair and put it with a hair dryer and varnish. It is also advisable to have a haircut before taking a photo, but this should be done at least a week before the shooting so that the hair takes on the desired shape, as a fresh hairstyle will look unnatural. The main requirement for the hair in the photo in the passport - they should not cover your face. But to go to extremes is also not worth it. Just look at the pictures smoothly combed back hair, gathered in a bun, especially if there are no bangs.
  2. Neat clothes. Many people think that it doesn’t matter at all what clothes they will take on their passport. After all, you will still see only the neck and shoulders. But it is not so. What you are wearing also affects the quality of the picture. For photos on official documents, it is best to choose a single-colored blouse or a V-neck T-shirt of any color, but you should avoid light shades, since you risk merging with the general background in the picture. Also not suitable clothing motley colors with a lot of decorative elements.
  3. Correct facial expression. If you do not want the photograph in your passport to look gloomy and evil, then special attention should be paid to your facial expression and the position in which you will be photographed. Practice at home and remember how best you look in the mirror, then to correctly recreate it in the picture. Do not be too serious or fun. In the requirements for photos on the passport it is said that the facial expression should be neutral, the mouth must be closed, only a hint of a smile in the form of slightly raised corners of the lips is allowed. As for the posture, with its help you can correct some of the shortcomings of your appearance. So, in order to reduce a large nose or increase small eyes, you need to tilt the head back a little. If you do not want to have a double chin, then do not put your head down. To make your face look proportionally with a large chin, you need to tilt your head forward, and then the upper part of the face will appear larger. This will help to balance it.

We hope that our advice will help you, and you will proudly display your passport with a good photo.

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