Walnut Tips on the Plot

Walnut is one of the largest mountain plants with a chic beautiful crown and delicious curative fruits. Thanks to unique properties, the tree has become popular and in demand since ancient times in the field of cooking, medicine and even magic. It was not without reason that he was respectfully called: the food of warriors, the tree of life, or the acorn of the gods.

Walnut grows in many countries of temperate and warm climate, and in particular in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, as well as in the Caucasus and Ukraine. Many private sector owners prefer to grow this noble tree on their land plots. Why not?

Dense green foliage will decorate the estate, cover it on a hot day from the hot sun, and the fruits will delight you with delicious pulp. And grow it is not difficult. Enough to get acquainted with some of the nuances and recommendations, and then take up the case.

Features of growing

First you need to decide on the planting site. It can be grown:

  • at home, by putting in a tub, a box or a large pot. Nut will grow a small shrub, and the fruits will be small with strong skin. Advantages of the method: room conditions will save the plant from birds (pecking buds and fruits), icy winter frosts, strong winds and other weather conditions that are unfavorable for a heat-loving plant;
  • In open ground, choosing the right place. Benefits: grows in the form of a luxurious tree with large abundant fruits.

As a houseplant

To grow a walnut plant at home you need:

  1. Purchase a deep tank (at least 25 cm high). In such a vessel, the soil will fit perfectly. Attention: every couple of years the plant is transplanted into a larger pot.
  2. To select the soil composition suitable for the nut. It is advisable to take: alkaline, nutritious, loose soil. Earth does not condense.
  3. To plant a nut, previously having filled capacity with a drainage (pebble) and the soil.
  4. First pour abundantly, and then provide moderate watering (as the soil dries out). It is enough 3 buckets of water for one tree 2 rubles / month. Remember: with abundant watering - the roots rot, and with insufficient - the shoot withers, the ovary develops poorly.
  5. Put it in a beautifully lit place on a windowsill, in a greenhouse or veranda.
  6. Fertilize fertilizing during the growing season with an interval of 7-14 days. For this fit any liquid mineral fertilizer containing potassium.
  7. Remove weak shoots, dry branches, to form the crown of the tree at its discretion.

Landing methods

Choose the method of cultivation:

  • from a fruit - a nut;
  • from a sapling.

Which way to choose is up to you, but many gardeners believe that the first is better. Why? By virtue of the fact that you choose a nut, which is most often identical with the future fruits of the tree. And if the seeds were collected in your area, it means that they are more adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of your area.

What does a plant love and not love?

In general, the walnut plant is unpretentious, but:

  • sensitive to low temperatures;
  • loves light, sun or good light; only in this case, you can count on a beautiful crown;
  • does not like strongly boggy and compacted soil.
  • grows well on wet carbonate loams without groundwater.
  • loves freedom, does not tolerate crampedness; therefore, they plant a nut at a distance of no closer than 3.5-5 meters from other trees or seedlings.

Fruit for planting

To begin, choose the fruit.This is best done at the height of autumn, when the nuts are fully ripe, have a yellowish-green color, not a very hard, round shell. It is advisable to choose the most beautiful, large, ripe specimens. The germination period lasts for one year, therefore we recommend freshly harvested fruits in the same autumn and plant them in the ground.

By the way, some gardeners clean the fruit from the shell, claiming that its germination rate will increase. In this case it is necessary:

  1. Wear rubber gloves so that the skin on your hands does not turn dark brown.
  2. Hammer to break the shell, remove the core.
  3. Put the cleaned kernels into the bucket with water. Unsuitable for planting - float, and those who drown - 99% will give a healthy sprout.
  4. Dig a hole in a meter, pour in a little bit of soil with humus, put a few nuts to a depth of 20 cm and fill with the remaining fertilized soil.
  5. To water.

In the spring should take the most healthy and strong escape.

Escape under landing

Considering the above, plant the seedlings in the ground at the site. How to plant? Key recommendations:

  • disembarkation is carried out in the spring;
  • a sapling take two years old, so that the diameter of the trunk was about one centimeter;
  • the edge of the root is slightly cut and smeared with clay.Some gardeners recommend taking seedlings with a canned root system - the root system is in a container with special fertilizers;
  • dig a hole for a sapling, size 40 × 40 cm;
  • the bottom is covered with plastic wrap. This further stimulates the lateral roots of the plant;
  • the root system is carefully covered with earth, leaving the root collar 4 cm above the ground;
  • watered.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the nut grows very slowly, so the first fruits will have to wait more than one year (usually 2-3 years). But this tree lives for a very long time over half a century.

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