Victoria Beckham compared with a thin pizza

Pizzeria Sidhu Golden Fish and Chips in the English town of North Tyneside invented an advertising campaign, thanks to which it immediately became famous (albeit not in the best light) for the whole world. And all thanks to the slogan “Our pizza is thinner than Victoria Beckham!”, Which the cafe's representatives put directly on the delivery van, adding for more convincing the caricature of the designer with the inscription “Queen of Anorexia”. The only thing that they did not take into account was the feelings of Victoria Beckham herself, who considered this a direct insult and immediately filed a pizzeria in court! Representatives of the cafe were quick to apologize, but ... late, the process started. The mother of four children made it clear that she would not allow her to slander her reputation.


It should be noted that Victoria Beckham is not the first time faced with the charge of anorexia. The designer does not hide that she is obsessed with thinness, but asks not to compare her food control with eating disorder (anorexia, in other words). “Yes, I have a strict diet,” she retorts.“But at the same time, I eat right and eat everything that I love.”

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