Vegetarianism. Spiritual path

The deep practice of the spiritual path in any of the religious directions often leads a person to restrict the consumption of animal food or to completely abandon it. And this is not an accident.

Everyone who observes a certain spiritual path is not attached to material values, strives for harmony and treats all living things with compassion, as no one else understands that feelings like fear, horror and pain are not alien to animals.

The modern livestock system inspires people to treat animals as a material, to soulless creatures, unceremoniously using the helplessness of these animals in front of them.

A person practicing self-knowledge often becomes a vegetarian consciously. Thanks to this, his life position and actions change, he is spiritually and physically healed, he ceases to obey many patterns of the consumer society.

Most people who deliberately switched to vegetarian food, over time, begin to realize that eating meat is not a need of physiology, but a psychological dependence.

Refusal from meat adjusts to a healthy lifestyle, learns to hear your body language, promotes spiritual cleansing. There are cases when a person at a certain stage of the spiritual path disappears the desire to eat meat and there is a natural transition to vegetarianism.

Food is not always life-giving energy, it often stores in itself the destructive energy of pain and suffering. It was not by chance that the proverb “We are what we eat” appeared.

To create a better society of freedom, peace, bliss and love, without violence, aggression and hatred, you need to make changes within yourself, begin a personal spiritual path. And vegetarianism is not just a step in spiritual development, but a tool to help further the path of self-development.

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