Vegetable stew with chanterelles

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Fresh Chanterelles400 gramsPotatoes2 pieces)Zucchini400 gramsBulb onions1 pieceCarrot1 pieceCream 20% fat200 millilitersSugar1 pinchGround paprika2 tbsp.Ground black pepperGarlic1 cloveButter (for frying)Vegetable oil20 milliliters
For filing
Fresh parsley
  • Servings:

The triumph of autumn gastronomy and the best of the mushroom "hunting". Stew with chanterelles is a great solution for those who prefer vegetables instead of meat. By the way, this recipe can also be called kosher: chanterelles are those mushrooms that are never wormy. And the principle of the stew itself is a magic wand for super-busy housewives, because everything can immediately be folded into one basket.


Wash chanterelles, sponge cleaned of forest dirt and debris.

Prepared chanterelles cut at will.

Onion chop into half rings, carrots to cut into straws medium size. Heat the butter in a pan, fry the vegetables first, then add the chanterelles and fry over a high heat to a light blush of mushrooms. Strictly: butter should not burn!

Wash, peel potatoes and zucchini, dice equally sized. Fry in a hot vegetable oil in a separate pan.

Put the chanterelles with vegetables, potatoes and zucchini into a hot-cooked saucepan, season with black pepper and ground paprika, add a clove of garlic (not peeling, crush with a flat side of the knife), pour in the cream and put in an oven heated to 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

Arrange the ready-made vegetable stew with chanterelles in portions, garnish with fresh parsley when serving.

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