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At 16:56, Oct 08, 2019


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At 16:41, Oct 22, 2019


Cheers for getting the ball rolling on How to Play FreeCell Solitaire - good topic! Surprised we didn't already have it.

Are you with the WSU group that's been sharing project articles here, or did something else make you decide to sign up?

At 16:48, Oct 22, 2019


Cool - thanks for starting that one! It looks like there's more room for it to grow, but it's a solid start.

At 17:19, Oct 22, 2019


Don't use animated GIFs - they're too big for us to show them properly without loading issues; just use photos :)

At 19:31, Oct 22, 2019


Those aren't GIFs - they're mp4 files uploaded by the staff visual team. You can try smaller GIFs if you'd like, but it's not recommended we don't officially support that format.

At 20:25, Oct 22, 2019


No prob!


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Usertalk: Tawhid Zaman
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2019 year
2019 year - Usertalk: Tawhid Zaman pictures

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Usertalk: Tawhid Zaman photo
Usertalk: Tawhid Zaman pictures

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Usertalk: Tawhid Zaman new photo

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images Usertalk: Tawhid Zaman

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Watch Usertalk: Tawhid Zaman video

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