Useful tips for cleaning coffee machines

If you have a coffee machine, then you should know that from time to time such an appliance should be cleaned. And how to do it correctly, safely and effectively?

Causes of pollution

The main causes of pollution are the following:

  • Scum. If you use ordinary tap water to make coffee (which is how it usually happens), then it probably contains a wide variety of impurities, which, as it is known, form a scum during boiling. And such a raid is not at all harmless. Over time, the layer will increase, and at some point the device will fail.
  • Leftover coffee oils. In quality natural coffee there are oils that evaporate and stand out during the heat treatment process. And they settle on the details, form a raid and even clog the hoses and filters, which over time will certainly lead to device failure. And in order to avoid it, clean your coffee machine in time.
  • Milk. If the coffee machine has the function of making cappuccino, then milk will probably settle in it,but in fact it not only withers and pollutes some important parts of the device, but also is a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. And if you neglect the cleaning, then you are not surprised when after the next cup of your favorite cappuccino you notice all the signs of poisoning, this is understandable and natural.

Cleaning technology

So, how to clean the coffee machine correctly and quickly? The main stages of the procedure:

  1. First you need to completely clean all containers from the remnants of the drink, otherwise you just will not succeed. Check the milk and water tanks, all tubes, and the waste container.
  2. Now you need to pour about a liter of water into the tank. It is advisable to preheat it.
  3. In the water you should add your chosen tool. Observe the indicated proportions!
  4. Now turn on the device. But you do not need to add coffee.
  5. After about 10-15 minutes, turn off the machine and drain about 100-150 milliliters of recycled liquid into any container.
  6. Wait a few minutes and restart the preparation of the drink. Then also pour a portion of the composition.
  7. Repeat the steps described in the previous three paragraphs, until all the liquid has left the container.
  8. To remove all residues of cleaning agent from the surface, you need to fill the container with plain clean water and turn on the device several times and drain all this water. Only then can you cook and drink coffee.

If the device has the function of cooking cappuccino, then you can clean the cappuccino as follows:

  1. The milk container should be disconnected. Instead, connect the container with water.
  2. Now start the full cycle of heating the milk and foaming.
  3. Continue cleaning until the water is completely clear and transparent.

It is also necessary to clean panarello - a device that supplies steam to the drink and forms a thick foam. To do this, simply lower the spout into a container with clean water and turn on the steam supply mode for 20 or 30 seconds. Under the influence of elevated temperature, all contamination will be removed.

What to clean the device?

So, what is best to use to clean the coffee machine? The simplest and most effective, but very expensive option is special means. Usually they are sold in the stores of household appliances or in large stores, that is, where the devices themselves. Such compositions are produced most often in the form of tablets, which is very convenient.

The advantages of using ready-made specialized formulations include efficiency, availability of detailed instructions, as well as safety for the device and ease of use. Just open the package and place the pill in the container.

If you want to save money, you can try to use folk remedies:

  • Lemon acid. Put about three to four tablespoons of powder into the container and proceed with the normal cleaning described above.
  • Instead of citric acid, use regular lemon juice. Squeeze it out of the fruit and strain through the gauze folded several times so that the pulp particles are not stuck in the device. To a liter of water you will need the juice of two medium lemons.
  • Acetic acid can be used, but not concentrated, but preferably 9%. In a tank filled with water, add about a quarter cup of acid and begin the procedure.
  • Will help and soda. Simply pour hot water into the container and dissolve the soda in it so that not a single particle remains.
  • Use alcohol. To a liter of water will require half a glass.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations that will make cleaning at home even more efficient and simple:

  1. In some models of coffee machines tank is removed.If you have such a device, then remove the container and clean it separately.
  2. Before the procedure, carefully study the instructions supplied with the device, this will avoid breakages.
  3. Find out if your coffee machine has a self-cleaning function. If so, use it.
  4. How often should I clean? Everything will depend on the characteristics of the use of the device, on the quality of water, as well as on what kind of coffee you like. So, if you prefer black coffee, the cleaning will need to be done approximately every 200 cups. If you drink coffee with milk, then you will need to clean the coffee machine a little more often (after 100 cups). The fact that it is time to carry out the procedure as soon as possible, will tell such signs as an increase in the time of preparation of the drink and the consumption of electricity, as well as the noise emitted by the device. And some models have special indicators of the degree of contamination, which is very convenient.
  5. If you use a folk remedy, but test it in advance by applying a small amount to the surface of the tank with a cotton pad or stick. If, after fifteen to twenty minutes, she stayed as she was, proceed to clean up. If the container has darkened or, on the contrary, strongly brightened, it is better to choose another composition.
  6. In order not to clean the coffee machine from scale, you can purchase a model with water filters. Then you just need to change them regularly.
  7. If you didn’t get rid of scale the first time, repeat the procedure several times until the tank is perfectly clean.
  8. If there is an odor after cleaning, then perform a so-called rinsing several times, filling the tank with water and turning on the device. You can also add coffee, but you should not drink the first portions of the drink.

Let your coffee machine always be clean and running smoothly!

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