Useful properties of cherries. Dishes from cherry

Dishes from cherries

Dishes from cherries

Cherry is very healthy and tasty.



Who, where and when for the first time cultivated a cherry, is still unknown. But the beneficial properties of cherries and delicious recipes for cooking not complicated cherry dishes are known. For now, a little history of origin. Scientists have still not found the answer to the question where the cherry came from. There is a version that the name "cherry" came to us from Sanskrit and means "the tree of Vishnu" (one of the supreme deities in Hinduism). In the records of ancient Greek writers, cherry is referred to as "ceresis" in the IV century BC. Later this fruit tree spread in Italy: in the time of Pliny the Elder (I century AD) there were ten different varieties of it. But in Russia it came from Kiev, through the efforts of Yuri Dolgoruky. To this day in Ukraine, cherry is one of the most beloved and revered trees, and in the spring our villages traditionally are buried in cherry blossoms ...


The fruit of the cherry is not for nothing that our ancestors loved: in themmany useful propertiesand reduces blood clotting coumarin, necessary for blood formation of iron and cobalt, iodine and magnesium, potassium and calcium, fluorine and zinc, vitamins and organic acids, fiber and pectin. Cherry removes toxins from the body, helps with colds, anemia and atherosclerosis, improves appetite, strengthens the capillaries, reduces the risk of heart disease, relieves arthritis and rheumatism, works as a mild laxative, has a calming effect on the nervous system, supports muscle tone.


Application of the beneficial properties of cherries.


Fruits usefulcherrieswidely used in traditional medicine. They are used as a dietary product that improves appetite and digestion, they reduce thirst, have an antiseptic, expectorant and easily laxative effect on the body. Emulsion ofuseful seeds cherriesand decoctions of the stalks have a pronounced diuretic effect and are recommended for the treatment of uric acid diathesis and diseases of all joints. Broths from branchescherrieshave a pronounced antifungal effect in chronic colitis.


Broths of the stalk and cherry branches are used for swelling of the skin.Broths from fresh leaves in milk are very effective for jaundices of all kinds of origin, and fresh leaves and tampons of them are effective for external bleeding and wounds.


Traditional medicine believes thatuseful properties of cherryhave a positive effect on the central nervous system, have a calming and anticonvulsant effect. Previously used a decoction of cherries for mental illness and epilepsy.


Fruits of cherries with milk are used in the treatment of arthritis. Pulp and juice are a good expectorant for inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.


In the fruitcherriescontain sugar (fructose, glucose) - 15 mg%, pectin - 11 mg%, vitamin A - 0.3-0.55 mg%, vitamin C - 15 mg%, vitamin PP - 0.25-0.4 mg%, as well as organic acids (malic, citric) - 1-1.6%, tannic, nitrogenous, coloring matter and keratsianin. The seeds of cherries are poisonous, but used in small quantities under the supervision of a physician are well suited for gout and kidney stones.


And how amazingdelicious foodYou can make cherries: pies and dumplings, casseroles and puddings, sauces and salads, compotes and cocktails, liqueurs and liqueurs ... Let's cook some not complicated cherry dishes and enjoy everythinguseful properties of cherry. And to the table you can cook second courses in a hurry.


It is important to know: to get involved in healthy fruits and dishes of cherry wood is not worth it if you have an increased acidity of gastric juice, diabetes or peptic ulcer.


Cherry dishes: cherry strudel.


Cherry - 1 kg.

Sugar - 100 g

Butter - 150 g.

Flour - 2 stack.

Water - 0.5 stack.

Salt - 1 tsp.

Oil - 3 tbsp. spoons.

Vanilla and cinnamon to taste.


Mix flour with salt and melted butter. Knead the dough by adding hot water. Insist it for 30-40 minutes. Peeled cherries mixed with breadcrumbs, sugar, spices. Roll out the dough thinly, brush with vegetable oil and put the filling on it. Roll up into a roll, put on a parchment-laid pan. Bake in the oven at 200 ° C. The finished strudel dish cut into chunks, sprinkled with powdered sugar.


Cherry Platter: Cherry Pie.


Flour - 2 stack.

Sugar - 2 stacks.

Butter - 200 g.

Cherry - 750 g.

Baking Powder - 2 hours. Spoons.

Eggs - 4 pcs.

Vanilla and cinnamon - 1 hour. Spoon.

Salt is a pinch.


Wash the cherry, remove the bones, fill it with 1 cup of sugar.Oil knead, grind with the remaining sugar, to drive eggs. Mix the flour with the salt and baking powder, add buttermilk, knead the dough and put it in a baking dish, greased with butter, and lay cherry on top. Sprinkle with vanilla sugar and cinnamon. Bake for 45-50 minutes in the oven at a temperature of 180-200 ° C. Serve the dish of cherries chilled.


Cherry dishes: veal with cherry.


Veal (pulp) - 1 kg.

Cherry - 200 g

Butter - 200 g

Dry wine - 100 g

Flour - 2 tbsp. spoons.

Ground cardamom - pinch.

Salt and pepper to taste.


Cut meat into cubes. Pierce each piece several times with a knife and put pitted cherries into it. Roll in flour, fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Put in a saucepan, salt and pepper, season with cardamom, pour with oil, add 0.5 cups of dry wine or cherry juice. Simmer in the oven heated to 150 ° C until ready. Serve with mashed potatoes or french fries, pouring over the sauce in which the veal was stewed. Here is another dish of cherries, very tasty veal with cherries.


Bon appetit gentlemen! Enjoy the beneficial properties of cherries in freshly prepared dishes.

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