Unusual use of mirrors in the interior (12 photos)

Ever since time immemorial, mirrors have often been used in home interiors, it is difficult to do without this object even now, because seeing how we actually look from the side can only be seen in the mirror surface.

Their, more or less, modern history, they begin around the XIII century, and used them purely in order to see their own reflection.

Classic interior

As time went on, mirrors were modified, during the Renaissance they were even forbidden to use, because religious leaders believed that it was they who opened a kind of window through which the devil himself looks at our world!

But already in the 16th century, beautiful and rich mirrors began not only to fulfill their main function - to reflect, but also to be widely adopted as an element of home decor.

All wealthy and noble nobles tried to surround themselves with such an amazing decor, indicating the wealth and high affluence of the family.

Mirrors decorate the room

At the time of kings, lush dresses and carriages mirrors were decorated with precious stones, the frames were encrusted with diamonds, and the size of the cloth was simply striking in its grandeur.

One of the most expensive mirrors that is known to the world is stored in France, in the Louvre, which was presented to the Queen Catherine de Medici by Venetian mirrors.

Since the advent of technology in France that made it possible to create mirrors that are not as expensive as those of Venetian masters, every wardrobe has become such a luxury item.

In the modern world, the mirrors are much simpler, the standard set of most apartments are two home mirrors - one of them above the washbasin and the other in the dressing room or hallway. Very rarely, when mirrors are used as part of a home design, because in itself it looks bare and lonely.

An interesting solution

And very vain, because modern designers have long and successfully used them as a very unusual and outlandish decorative solution, which brings a lot of fresh and bright ideas to the situation of the room.

It turns out that there are a great many ideas about how to use mirrors in the interior, just most of us, for some reason, don’t even think about it.

Of course, there is a kind of explanation for that, because there are many beliefs and mistakes associated with mirrors, for example, one of them says: it is impossible for a sleeping person to be reflected in a mirror.

Creative and cute

Believe in this kind of superstition or not, you decide, always, in extreme cases, you can arrange a mirror surface in such a way as not to affect other people's principles and beliefs.

What do we know about mirrors?

Somewhere on the subconscious, most of us assume that when choosing a mirror for a house, the main thing is that it is located at a distance of 175-190 cm from the floor, to fit the crown, and also wide, so that the person can fit completely.

Extravagant design

It does not have to be in the floor and some special form, the main thing is to see yourself. What a pity that few people think about other, very important functions of the mirror surface.

Whatever one may say, and a mirror, from all the rest of the decor is distinguished by one important feature, it reflects. Everything around and all around, which gives them the ability to visually expand the space of the room, is, of course, just a hoax, but what a beautiful and magical!


Why is everyone accustomed to, that on the walls should hang pictures or, at most, some,collages, and why no one thinks about how it will look nice set of small mirrors, dressed in a frame on one wall?

After all, every day, passing through such a “picture” gallery, you will see many renewed portraits of yourself, your beloved.

Do not be afraid to use different forms

And beautiful mirrors in such an unusual description can look interesting in any room: in the bedroom, hallway, bathroom or living room!

Another variant of this idea is if each mirror is hung at a slightly modified angle, at least 5 °, then any of them will show their reflected part of the room, and this can be not only the opposite wall, but also the ceiling, the floor, as well as others. hard-to-reach room areas. In this simple way, you can create a whole still life from pieces of your own apartment.

For very small rooms with an irregular shape, it is best to use large solid mirrors that visually correct the shapes and give the room a volume.

Large mirrors of rectangular, square or oval shape must be framed in the frame, and it is important that they combine in their structure and pattern with your overall interior.Mirror surfaces of unusual shapes, which, by the way, are now quite popular, cannot be framed in frames, they should be mounted on the wall in its original form.

Do not hold back your imagination

By the way, about unusual forms. Recently, more and more, it is precisely the non-standard sizes and shapes of mirrors that are valued, for example, in the form of hearts, the sun, some animals or insects, the image of architectural masterpieces, for example, the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.

Best of all these unusual shapes look on the walls, which are painted in one, and, best of all, bright color. In the end, it turns out very nice and modern images.

It should be in every room

Window to the world

It turns out that instead of the usual for us windows, which reveal the beauty of the real world, in your house you can organize a kind of snag, which performs approximately the same functions.

To do this, you need to hang a mirror sheet, which in appearance completely repeats your windows, it is desirable to place it in a wall niche.

The frame should be bright

Such an unusual mirror must be decorated, which is easy to do with your own hands without much material costs and anxiety. Above our new "window" be sure to fasten the eaves, on which you can arrange light tulle to match your rest decor.

Be sure to provide your "mirror" solution with a shelf that will play the role of a window sill. On it you can place still life objects - a vase with fruit or a room flower, another, more extravagant solution, is small lamps, the light of which will be reflected in the mirror surface, resembling real sunlight.

A Bold Option

This imitation of light will surely give your room additional illumination and depth of space. Another option is to place a mirror on the slope near the window, thereby visually expanding its borders. Such a simple technique will expand the space by reflecting everything that happens by law.

And what else?

All sorts of ideas on how to use mirrors in decor, and not counting, for example, someone might be interested in not a new, but very interesting way of expanding space - a mirrored ceiling.

Luxury and Wealth

To decide on such a bold step in the bedroom is the personal will of everyone, but the mirrored ceiling in the living room or above the dining table is a very interesting decision.

If you believe the Chinese, this decor can reflect not only pieces of furniture, but also feelings that live in a particular room.Thanks to this multiplier effect, love and goodies on the table will be twice as much as the well-being and prosperity will never leave your house.

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