Unusual and bright makeup in burgundy tones

Are you already fed up with the usual pastel colors in make-up? Then it's time to experiment. World-wide make-up experts advise to put more colors into practice and try to make a burgundy make-up. Do not immediately refuse, citing the fact that such solutions are not suitable for everyday use. Correctly chosen shades and correct application technique make it possible to create a fashionable look for every day.

Hot trend

The burgundy shade of decorative cosmetics instantly gives warmth and brightness, especially in the cold season. Who would suit such a bold image? Everybody. Its huge plus is that the variety of colors allows you to apply this makeup to girls, regardless of hair color.

It is necessary to take into account only skin tone:

  1. Tanned young ladies and those whom nature has rewarded with dark skin, suitable warm burgundy tones with a golden shimmer or gleam.
  2. Girls with fair skin should opt for products that have a purple subtone.

Femme fatale

This image is suitable for brave girls who are not afraid of universal attention. Smoky-eyes with black or dark gray shades, complemented by a wine-colored border, and dark burgundy lipstick make you a truly gorgeous woman.

Casual look

All that is required is to choose a light maroon shade of matte shadows and apply them to the mobile eyelid along the fold line. Along the lash line you can make a thin arrow or line with a dark tone of shadow. Do the same on the lower eyelid. Complement the image of lipstick in the style of nude.

Incredible shine

If you choose makeup for a festive event and want to be the center of attention, add a little shine to the image. How to do it? The first is to take care of the perfectly matte tone of the face. The maximum that you can afford - a little highlighter to highlight the cheekbones.

For the eyes, you need a black liner, with which you need to draw neat arrows. On the moving part of the century to put the shadow of a golden color with shimmer, and above them shade the shades of wine shade. Lips in this case should not distract attention from the main accent, therefore it is better if the lipstick is neutral.

Lipstick with a purple undertone and marsala colors will also be a great combination with makeup in burgundy tones.

Looking fashionable and attractive is not at all difficult. Listening to the advice of fashion experts and makeup artists, you can always find the right makeup and create an original image.

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