Unhealthy savings: how not to buy expired products

Increasingly, readers turn to the editor with complaints of deception in stores. Buyers believe stocks and discounts, as a result of buying spoiled goods. We decided to publish one of the letters and find out what to do in such a situation.

“Hello, my name is Tatyana Lapina, I live in Moscow. Yesterday I was waiting for guests, I bought five salads in different containers. They all turned sour! One of the guests was poisoned. You can’t prove anything to the sellers - they said they themselves knew what they were buying. In this store in the evening for salads 30% discount, a huge line is built up to buy dinner cheaper. Who should be responsible for this disgrace? She told about this case at work, it turned out that a friend had recently bought a couple of pieces of fish in a huge supermarket for lunch, and then she went to intensive care unit for a week - they smoked fish with some kind of toxic chemicals. What should we, ordinary buyers, do in such cases? ”

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The lawyer commented on the letter.Victoria Tsarikhina:

“If you brought a product home, carefully examined it and realized that it was damaged, do not throw it away. Return the trophy to the store. Contact the point of sale to the administrator. If you do not want to give money, do not swear, it is completely meaningless. Request a complaint book. If they refuse to provide it, call Rospotrebnadzor. The comments of customers there respond quickly. By the way, a complaint can be written on the website of this organization (www.rospotrebnadzor.ru). There is a special form. Unfortunately, we do not always keep receipts from the store, but even if you have no proof of purchase, you can issue a refund. This will require two witnesses.

There is another important point in the situation. If you bought a low-quality product, ate it and poisoned it, you can demand compensation for the cost of treatment through the court. Of course, in this case, you will need a certificate from a doctor who will confirm the diagnosis and its cause. It will be necessary to conduct an examination of the product. You will have to pay for it, but you should not be afraid of spending. In most cases, the courts take the side of the buyer, and the costs associated with the conduct of the case, must pay the losing party.In addition to the costs of treatment, the buyer is entitled to claim compensation for moral damages. ”

What to look for when buying products

The seller of the Begemot store told us about it.Nadezhda Glotova:

“Before buying mayonnaise salads, ask the seller to allow a sample to be taken, because such products do not have factory labels, which means it’s impossible to find out the exact date of production. And remember the golden rule: you cannot buy food in cooking on Monday! The fact is that on Saturday and Sunday the stores are stocked with ready-made food, because the flow of customers is increasing these days. But to guess how many kilograms of salad is required is very difficult, and therefore it is impossible to sell everything without a trace. So yesterday’s herring is put on the shelves under a fur coat, and in order to attract customers, prices are reduced. Pay attention to the temperature in the refrigerator where food is stored. They did not notice the thermometer in the window - it is better not to risk and buy elsewhere. And I also want to mention one of the main misconceptions of buyers. Many believe that the premium segment store is a guarantee of quality. But it is not always the case.The fact is that in supermarkets with affordable prices there are more buyers, and therefore the goods are less often stored on the shelves. ”

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