Turtleneck: the main thing winter-2018

To celebrate the New Year: a velvet turtleneck

Immediately, the image of Audrey Hepburn from the movie “Funny Face” in 1957, where she danced in pants and a tight turtleneck, comes to mind. It is to this model that it is really enough to just pick up the black bottom and jewelry with pearls - and the holiday dress is ready!

Velvet H & M turtleneck

Velvet polka-neck H & M (1 499 rub.)

As the bottom layer under the jacket or suit: light pink turtleneck

At the autumn-winter sales you will find an abundance of jackets in the same gray-black cage. The ideal complement to such a "nomenclature" thing will be a turtleneck of strawberry ice cream color - in combination with gray or brown this pink shade looks very "tasty".

Turtleneck Pull and Bear

Turtleneck Pull and Bear (1,299 rub.)

Happy weekend: Printed turtleneck

The population of turtlenecks is growing and here are such colorful options: not a print, but a botanical garden in the tropics of some kind! By the way: such hyper-absorbing models of turtlenecks will look great as a bottom layer under a basic sweater during the day or as a festive top for a flared flared skirt,if it's about a party.

Zara turtleneck with print

Zara turtleneck with a print (799 rub. On a discount)

For cozy everyday life: cashmere turtleneck

By the way, cashmere fans should be tricked by credit cards during sales - you can find decent options from this noble variety of wool in a variety of brands. As a last resort, Uniqlo always has cashmere models available and without discounts, which you can wear with virtually anything.

Cashmere Uniqlo Turtleneck

Cashmere Uniqlo Turtleneck (4 999 rub.)

In a pair of jeans and trousers: a turtleneck the color of red wine

To such a passionate hue you want to add black leather - pants or a jacket and always sexy shoes, and to complete the image with ornaments with agate, rubies or black diamonds on the background of yellow gold.

Snow Queen Turtleneck

Turtleneck Snow Queen (790 rubles. At a discount)

Sporty Sunday: Stretch Turtleneck

It is dedicated to all those who are not discouraged either in summer or in winter: this turtleneck has an internal fleece layer, and warms much more confidently than it might seem, and is meant for outdoor sports - jogging and running.

Nike Turtleneck

Turtleneck Nike (£ 75)

For not at all cold-resistant: turtleneck bodysuit

If knitwear and can be seductive, then here's a bright example in every sense.In the company to this turtleneck you want to add a mini-skirt or shorts and boots-boots, and to put a fur coat on top - you get some kind of Vivienne from “Pretty Woman”, but without any vulgar accents.

Turtleneck-bodysuit J. Crew

Polo-neck-bodysuit J. Crew (4,665 rubles at a discount)

French Style: Striped Turtleneck

Black beret, red lipstick, cropped jeans with a belt, a striped turtleneck and necessarily a cafe window through which the city can be seen - the perfect picture for Instagram a la “I in Paris” is ready!

Turtleneck Scotch & Soda

Polo-neck Scotch & Soda (8 350 rub.

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