Turning a bucket into a mini ottoman

Turning a bucket into a mini-ottoman- a master class, giving a second life to seemingly unnecessary items such as, for example, a paint bucket. As a result, we get a wonderful hand-made ottoman.

Materials and tools:

  1. bucket;
  2. filler (paralon, towel);
  3. thick cardboard;
  4. fabric;
  5. big button (button);
  6. Velcro
  7. thick rope;
  8. glue gun;
  9. scissors;
  10. knife;
  11. construction stapler.

Step 1

Take a bucket, remove the handle. Starting from the bottom (bottom) of the bucket, we wind the rope on the bucket, stacking it tightly to the turn, fix the rope with the help of a glue gun. From the top of the bucket we wind another layer of rope to close the bumps' bumps.

Step 2

Make the base for the cushion ottoman.Put the bucket on the bottom of the cardboard, draw a pencil and cut it out. Then, put the resulting circle of cardboard on a cloth and draw a circle on a fabric with a radius of 8 cm more.

In the center of the cardboard circle, make a hole for the button. Put the cloth on the cardboard and set the button.

Here as a filler used towels. We wind the towels around the button, fixing the towels to the cardboard with a hot-melt gun.

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