Tunisia, which you do not know yet

If you are going to Tunisia, it means that you have a good beach holiday for relatively little money. This country is consistently visited by an annual impressive “portion” of tourists, usually those whom Turkey is already a bit fed up with, and tropical destinations are too burdensome.

Getting to this nice beach resort is relatively easy, 4 hours of flight from Moscow, but what view opens up to you as soon as you get off the plane!

Beautiful view

For some reason, many people believe that in Tunisia there is nothing to particularly watch and, if they go there, it is only beyond the sea and the sun, chocolate tan and all-inclusive hotels. But do not believe these people, they probably did not even bother to find out what this glorious and ancient country keeps in its sands and plantations of olive trees.

About 10 million people live in the territory of modern Tunisia, most of whom have noble Phoenician blood, which was the basis for the magnificent city of Carthage. This once powerful and rich city was founded 60 years before Rome, and for a long time was the capital of one of the most powerful and largest states of the Mediterranean,Carthage.

Today, unfortunately, it is almost destroyed, but the majestic ruins of this place still attract crowds of curious tourists, and the excavation by scientists is carried out there to this day. Do you still think that there is nothing to see in Tunisia? Then we continue.


Rest in Tunisia is a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure: to lie on warm and cozy beaches that can boast the smallest, flour-like sand, and also explore a huge amount of antiquities, so to speak, to personally touch history.

Climate and other useful information

As soon as you leave the board of a cool airliner, it may seem that you are literally permeated by an incredible heat, but don't worry, you will quickly get used to it, because in Tunis there is a rather pleasant and mild climate.

Despite the summer heat, when the air temperature can reach 33 ° -35 °, it is tolerated quite easily due to the dry humidity of the air. The swimming season, when tourists can feel as comfortable as possible, begins at the end of May, the sea warms up very well over the summer, which only ends at the end of October.

Cool beaches

In some parts of the country, the air temperature even in winter does not fall below 21 °, so if you go to Tunisia not for the beach, but for the sake of travel, this can easily be done in the winter. At this time, prices are lower and tourists are much less.

Hotels or where to stay

The landscapes that you will encounter while moving around the country are special, mostly desert areas, which may be replaced by camel thorny or olive plantations.

Tourist towns, where most of the hotels and hotels are located, are scattered between the sands, mainly located in close proximity to the sea.

Despite all the attractiveness of the tender sea and the temptation of tours that tour operators can describe to you, it is worth noting that most hotels are outdated here, so the stated hotel category may at least fall by one star.

Find a good hotel

Finding really high-level hotels is difficult here, but still possible. In defense of the local tourism business, we can say that most hotels are located right on the seashore, regardless of the number of stars.

We can not say about thalassotherapy, the course of which can be taken at any medical center at almost every resort hotel. The prices here for such anti-aging treatments are very affordable, and the service remains high.

Kitchen and Spices

All tourists who go to the nightclubs, go to bars and restaurants, in general, are planning an active pastime, it is better to go to the ancient Arab city of Sousse, where the tourist complex is located just for those who came to "hang out".

Those who go on holidays with children, and also have a great desire to visit the main attractions of the country, such as ancient Carthage, ideally settle in Hammamet, where the fashionable and prestigious 4 and five-star hotels are located.

Ancient ruins

Most of them work on the "all inclusive", although you can find those where only breakfast is included, or breakfast and dinner, which is quite convenient if you come to travel and not to stay in a hotel. Distances between hotels can be quite large, since the construction of new hotels is in full bloom, so one can be dressed from one another in hundreds of meters of desert terrain.

As for the animation programs, here they are quite developed, as in Turkey, animators often speak even Russian. True, it is worth noting one interesting pattern: animation programs in 3 * and 4 * are often more fun than in fashionable 5 *.

What to see?

The sights of Tunisia, as we have said, begin with the ancient ruins of Carthage, a special place among them occupied by the terms of the emperor Antonin, an ancient building of that time, which is one of the largest resort complexes, in its size and scope, second only to the Roman term.

It is also worth visiting Tophet, the altar and the burial place in the open air, which leaves quite an ambiguous impression. Also noteworthy are Le Bordeaux’s largest mosaic museum in Africa and throughout Europe, and the Carthage Museum with a magnificent collection of antiquities.

Undersea world

You can not visit Tunisia and not see the amphitheater El Jem, which in its grandeur and size is inferior, perhaps, only to the Coliseum, and even then not much.

So far, every year from July to August there are concerts of classical music, and in fact once a very long time ago,during the time of the Roman Empire, wild animals and gladiators, who were waiting for their turn in the preliminary premises, were released here.

In all these back streets and rooms you can easily walk, touch and feel the presence of ancient history. Do not forget also about the picturesque village of Sidi-bu-Said and a small "olive" city, as well as about exciting trips to the vast expanses of the desert.

How to get there?

Tunisia is a great opportunity to travel for those who do not want to toil with a visa, because here it is not needed for our tourists who arrived in the country for up to 90 days.

The complexity of the flight will depend on what city you are going to make it from, so carefully study if it is possible to get a direct flight, if not, then how best, in your case, to make a transfer.

Traditional architecture

Finally, I would like to add: it is impossible to describe all the beauties and delights of the country in the volume in which they are actually present in any tourist review or recall.

Therefore, if there is such an opportunity and desire, go to Tunisia, study it yourself and see for yourself that this is a great option for a good holiday.

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