Tricks that will make your life much easier

Everyday challenges people. Someone follows the beaten paths and follows the advice accumulated over the decades. Others - sweep the rules and go beyond the usual. Any, even the smallest tasks can be solved in an unusual, often more convenient way. And here are a few such solutions.

Build gates for mini football

Join several inexpensive PVC pipes with plumbing. Secure any mesh at the back. It remains only to find out who will score more goals!

Get rid of the noise

Apply on those places where the sliding shelves and doors contact the surface, a thin layer of hot glue. Furniture will be silent.

Slots for convenience

To transfer things best in the box. To transfer it without difficulty, cut through the holes for the hands.

Pack for moving

One cover for outerwear can fit a significant part of your wardrobe. You do not have to collect clothes in bags and hang them in a new place.

Remove dust and wool from the carpet

Use a special scraper to clean windows. He will easily collect all the excess with a short and medium pile.

Arrange the order in the medicines

In a critical situation, every second can be counted.

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