Trendy and bright green in clothes

The color of life, renewal, youth - everything is about it, green. This shade occupies a special place in the color palette of clothing. But psychologists unanimously consider him the most pleasant for visual perception, giving peace and tranquility. So why not give freshness to your own wardrobe by purchasing a few green things.

For brave extroverts

Such shades are preferred by open and sociable people who do more than they say. But It is worth noting that this tone is quite complex, and many designers avoid its bright options, preferring muted olive and marsh.

But let you not be afraid of any obstacles, because we will tell you about who he is shown, and how to combine it with other colors.

The variety of shades makes it possible to use green in things for any season and occasion. Lettuce, mint, olive, khaki, emerald, the color of wormwood and marsh - among them there will definitely find the right one for you.

Fundamental rules

If in doubt when choosing a pair for your favorite green thing, always carry a cheat sheet with you - a color wheel. With it, make a choice is not difficult. According to this diagram, there are three ways to combine:

1. Monochrome. The basis of the dress should be the main tone thing, which is complemented by things derived shades. Neutral colors will also help to diversify the kit. With this classic combination, you can always create a win-win image.

2. Contrast. The combination of two independent colors, opposite in location in the color wheel. But it is worth remembering that some of them should still be the main one.

3. The triad. The principle of this combination is simple - you need to take three equidistant tones.

Ideal pairs

Shades of green are also divided into “cold” and “warm”. So, among warm ones you can find lime, apple, herbaceous, moss colors, and cold ones include mint, emerald, turquoise. How to properly use them in the images?

Achromatic variations

Achromatic are gray, white and black. And they are perfectly combined with juicy colors.

White. The perfect match to the green, this outfit is always refreshing. Classic white tight pants paired with an emerald blouse will be an excellent option for the office, and replacing the blouse with a satin top on the hairstyles, create a beautiful romantic bow.

You can also use the "shell principle" by wearing white trousers and top, and adding them with a mint jacket and shoes of the same color.

Gray. At first glance, they are incompatible, but by selecting the right combination, you can get a wonderful conservative bow, which will be to face adult business women.

The black.Even one lime piece in a completely black set will make it fashionable and fresh, becoming the main "chip". The combination of green and black will look great in evening dresses, but in order not to look too gloomy, it is better to choose light green tones.

Chromatic compounds

To chromatic shades include everything except the above white, gray and black. Let's try to try the bolder options:

  1. With red. These are dresses for women who are not afraid to be in the center of attention. But stylists argue that two bright colors will look too aggressive,therefore, it is better to give preference, for example, to a skirt of a dark marsh color and a bright red blouse.
  2. Orange. Wonderful summer option. The undoubted plus of such sets is that any shades of orange will fit the base of the green.
  3. Yellow Think it's too much? And no. On fashion catwalks you can often see models in such sets. Who will they suit? For those who love summer. Why not combine in one set yellow top and bright-green skirt?
  4. Pink Another shade, undeservedly questionable. The dress of gently pink color will make a wonderful ensemble with a dark soft grass color scheme. The main thing - no excessive brightness.
  5. Blue. The first thing that comes to mind is denim. Blue jeans shirt and skinny bottles will turn into a super comfortable image for walks and shopping.

If you are going to renew your wardrobe once again, take a look at the green things. We are sure that they will bring a touch of elegance, enthusiasm and brightness to it. Be beautiful!

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