Treatment of pharyngitis folk remedies

Treatment of pharyngitis folk remediesInflammation of the upper respiratory tract is always accompanied by pharyngitis, which is nothing but viral or bacterial inflammation of the throat mucosa. The disease is accompanied by pain and a sore throat and is most often associated with a cold.
Treatment of pharyngitis with folk remedies helps to quickly get rid of the disease. Symptoms of acute and chronic pharyngitis differ:

  • acute pharyngitis is characterized by severe pain in the throat, dry cough, discharge of mucus and pus, sometimes the temperature may rise;
  • chronic pharyngitis is the result of a prolonged form of acute pharyngitis. It appears in a less pronounced form in the form of perspiration in the pharynx and dry cough. If nothing is done at the first symptoms, then the sluggish state will turn into an acute form.


Causes of pharyngitis

Before you begin treatment, you should determine the cause of the disease.
The main causes of acute form of the disease: viruses, bacteria, streptococci, allergies.They arise from hypothermia, contact with the patient or with a general reduced immunity. Also the cause may be the aggressive environment, inhalation of dust, polluted air, smoking, drinking strong alcoholic beverages.

Causes of pharyngitis

Chronic pharyngitis may be the result of a prolonged acute form of the disease. It may also be a consequence of a disease of the gastrointestinal tract (for example, for heartburn, gastric juice rises and hits the back of the throat), in which case, it is worth diagnosing and treating the primary disease.
Constant breathing difficulties, smoking, removal of the glands can also cause the development of chronic pharyngitis. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to diagnose the cause of the disease.

Pharyngitis: treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of the disease should be carried out immediately, as soon as the first signs appeared. Proven and reliable methods of treatment of pharyngitis:
Pharyngitis: treatment of folk remedies

  • rinse with herbal decoctions. Pour two tablespoons of herbal mixture (calendula, eucalyptus, sage, psyllium, string, melissa, hips and other plants with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect) half a liter of boiling water.Let it stand in a thermos for several hours. Gargle 4-5 times a day.
    This broth is also good to drink a quarter glass three times a day;
  • rinsing with brine. It is used for purulent inflammations. One tablespoon of salt (Dead Sea salt works very well) pour half a liter of warm water. Stir and warm solution gargle 5-6 times a day. Such rinsing should be continued for 5 days, even if you do not feel a sore throat;
  • rinsing tincture of propolis. On 30 g of propolis take 100 g of alcohol. After infusion for 2-3 days, 30 drops of tincture are diluted in 0.5 glass of warm water and caress the throat 3 times a day. The minus of such a tincture is that it will take several days to prepare it, and the patient simply does not have this time;
  • inhalation. Inhalations are carried out with the addition of the same decoctions and tinctures that are used during rinsing;
  • warm milk with honey. Honey can drink milk, or dissolve it in warm milk. This drink quickly softens the throat.

Treatment of pharyngitis folk remedies
Together with pharyngitis often develops laryngitis. Treatment of laryngitis is also successfully carried out using the above rinses and inhalations.
In addition to carrying out all medical procedures, you should also give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol), eating spicy, too hot or cold food and drinks.
The room should be clean and humidified air. It is important to drink a lot of all kinds of compotes, which can be perfectly served as raspberry or cherry jam poured with boiling water.
Remember that in chronic pharyngitis, symptomatic treatment will only help to relieve pain, but will not eliminate the cause of the disease. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination in order to establish and treat the causes of chronic pharyngitis.
And of course, the easiest way is not to cure the disease, but to prevent it, strengthening the immune system.

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