Top most hot peppers in the world

Pepper gives a special piquancy, bitterness and spice to dishes. But not many people know that there is a special Scoville scale, which determines their level of severity. Those that occupy the very first lines are usually used only for technical purposes, it is not just not recommended to eat them, but also prohibited, because it can lead to burns of internal organs. But those plants that have a lower level of bitterness, are used as a seasoning, as well as additives to various warming ointments and tinctures.

Today we decided to introduce you to the most "vigorous" peppers in the whole world.

Caution, burns!

Such an inscription should flaunt on all kinds that hit our top 10, here they are:

10. Poblano.This is a must-have vegetable in Mexican cuisine. Once ripe, it has a maroon, close to black shade. The sweet aroma seduces and captivates, and the taste of prunes surprises those who are keen. Mexicans use it both in dried and fresh form, stuffing or frying in batter.

9. Hungarian wax.Outwardly, it is very similar to a small banana, having a similar shape and a beautiful yellow color. The fruits are so shiny and neat that at first glance it may seem as if they are not real.

Hungarian wax has an average sharpness, and perfectly reveals its taste in pickled, as well as in salads from fresh vegetables.

8. Cayenne.He has long been known throughout the world. But if it seems to someone that it cannot be sharper anymore, we can say with certainty that they are mistaken. Cayenne pepper is successfully used to make sauces, pickles, canned food and even sausages. And he copes well with pain when radiculitis.

7. ThaiFor the first time it began to grow in Portugal, but it gained particular popularity in Thailand, for which he received the same name. Especially often Thais use this vegetable in fish and meat dishes, and also at one time found that it perfectly fights cellulite, and advise women to make wraps with it.

6. Jamaican. You should be more careful with this vegetable, because in the wrong doses it can cause burns. To reduce bitterness, it is often consumed with dairy products.

5. Habanero.There are several types of this hot seasoning - chocolate, having “smoke” aroma, “devil's tongue” with a bright fruit-nut flavor and many more. But It is worth noting that only true connoisseurs will be able to distinguish and feel the real taste, who, beyond the incredible sharpness, will be able to feel something else.

By the way, Habanero is a part of the well-known tabasco hot sauce.

4. Naga Jolia.Once he got into the Guinness Book of Records, as the sharpest in the world. To be able to safely eat it, 1 g of pepper must be diluted in 1000 liters of water.

3. Scottish hat.Very cute in appearance, this vegetable, if not properly applied, can cause dizziness and even numbness in some parts of the body. It is great for first courses, and gourmets eat it with fruit and chocolate.

2. Trinidad scorpion.To grow this vegetable you need a chemical protection suit. Why is he then needed? It is used mainly for the production of tear gases, as well as paints, which process the lower part of the vessels to prevent the growth of mollusks.

1. The Caroline Reaper.He will derive by selection, and lovers of very thrills arguethat the “reaper” has a sweet citrus flavor and even some chocolate. But it is recommended to take it only in gloves.

Hot pepper is not just a seasoning for dishes, it is also a very useful vegetable, which helps to intensify the process of digesting heavy food, has a disinfecting effect, improves hair growth, and also helps restore the potency in men. But you should always remember that the main thing in this case is not to overdo it, because everything is good in moderation.

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