Top 10 women who have changed the history of mankind

Even one person can change the world and influence the course of history. And some women were able to do it. Find out which of them were the most influential.

Women who changed history

So, we offer the top 10 most influential representatives of the weaker half of humanity:

1. Mother Teresafrom Calcutta. This woman was already considered holy during her lifetime, and not without purpose. Agnes Gonja Boyadzhiu was born back in 1910 in Albania, in the family of a green merchant. At the age of 18, the girl left her father's house and became a nun of the order “Loretsk sisters”. Even then, she decided to devote her life to helping the destitute and sick, so she soon left her abode and began to travel the world.

Mother Teresa

She has been to hot spots, hospitals, and hospitals. When Mother Teresa turned 36 years old, she decided to organize the Order of Mercy, which is safe and flourishing to this day. Members of this charitable organization (today there are about 300 thousand people worldwide) help the sick, orphans and the disadvantaged.

In 80 countries of the world, orphanages, orphanages, schools and hospitals are open.For example, in Calcutta, about 10 thousand patients are treated and trained in a hospital for lepers. Mother Teresa died at 87 years old and did not regret a single day lived on this earth. And if not for this amazing woman, then the world would surely be different.

2.British Princess Dianaforever remained in the hearts of the British, because in the country they loved her like no other. This girl was called the people's princess, the queen of hearts and even the rose of the world. Yes, the fate of Diana can not be called simple. She became the wife of Prince Charles, but she never found happiness, although she presented the heir to the throne with two sons. Charles could not get the first love out of his head, and Diana was looking for something she could not get from her husband, so that she was rushing from one lover to another.

Princess Diana

But even after the divorce, the princess continued to love Charles. And it was after breaking up with him that the girl decided to help people. She did not speak loud words, but simply went to where she needed her, and drew attention to such problems that some were afraid to even think about. Unfortunately, Diana did not have much time, because at the age of 36 she died in a car accident, the circumstances of which are being investigated to this day.

3Coco Chanel. Yes, yes, you should not be surprised, because this woman is not only known all over the world, but also changed this very world. If it were not for her, today's modern women would certainly not look the same. Coco was a fragile, but very stubborn and witty woman, as well as a real trendsetter.

Coco Chanel

She saved women from such "burdens" as fluffy, heavy, multi-tiered skirts and tight corsets. But in return, Koko presented the world with a small elegant black dress, a stylish handbag, elegant perfumes, short haircuts, tweedy women's suits, ladies' trousers, and much more.

She inspired all the representatives of the weaker sex that a woman should always be gorgeous, and with age the beauty should become even more feminine. Perhaps, if Koko had not been born once, poor women would still wear corsets and puffy skirts, cursing those who invented all this.

4. Indira Gandhiwas born in 1917 in one of the richest Indian families. She married and gave birth to two beautiful sons. But, unfortunately, further came the black stripe. Indira lost her husband, and later her father and youngest son.

Indira gandhi

What was happening in the soul of this woman is difficult to imagine, but she gathered all the will into a fist and began to live on.Many considered her Shakti herself (the goddess of mind), Indira was wise, calm and domineering. She became the first woman to be entrusted with the fate of the whole country. And with this difficult role Indira handled perfectly.

She changed India for the better, giving her residents confidence in the future. But those who craved power, decided to overthrow Indira. Unfortunately, this amazing woman was killed in 1984.

5. Margaret Thatcher.She was called the “iron lady”, “the restless witch” and even “the most powerful man in NATO”. In fact, this woman’s perseverance and determination can only be envied. In 1979, she became prime minister of Great Britain and did everything to bring this country out of crisis.

Margaret Thatcher

And she succeeded, Britain cheered and began to flourish. Someone Margaret respected, someone feared, and someone hated. Anyway, But Thatcher stayed "at the helm" for three terms, and this was a kind of record of the last century. It is thanks to the Iron Lady that Great Britain once again acquired the status of a great power and is still one of the strongest countries in the world.

It was the iron lady who played the most important role in the history of this country.Margaret is long gone from politics, and today she is not as strong as before. But still Thatcher appears in public in strict suits and looks impeccable.

6. Joan of Arc.Everybody knows about this fragile but selfless girl. Until now, historians are arguing about who in fact was Jeanne. But there is no doubt that it was she who changed the course of the longest Hundred Years War. Joan's birth date is not certain for certain, as is her origin (although the majority is inclined to believe that she was a simple peasant woman).

Monument to Joan of Arc

One way or another, it was thanks to Joan of Arc that the liberation of Orleans captured by the British was released (later Jeanne was called the Maid of Orleans). But the merits of this selfless girl were not evaluated, and as a result of treachery she was captured, and later was declared a witch and sentenced to death. Jeanne died in a fire, but later she was declared a saint.

7. Cleopatra. A lot of films have been made about this queen, many legends have been composed. For a long time she was the ruler of Egypt, with the last ruler who, in fact, created and consolidated the impression of this country. And although Egypt was later conquered by Rome, Cleopatra is still spoken about.And if not for her, then the territory of the country would have been captured much earlier.


The appearance of the queen is still controversial. And although it is considered to be her beauty, there are those who are sure that Cleopatra was not. But everyone knows that this woman was very powerful and kept her enemies and envious people in fear. Known about the relationship of the Queen with Caesar and Mark Antony.

But not only these men managed to conquer Cleopatra. Unfortunately, the fate of this strong woman was very tragic. She did not survive the conquest of her state and committed suicide.

8. Elizabeth II- Queen of Great Britain. This woman was loved by many. Of course, there were those who criticized her actions, but in many respects thanks to the work of Elizabeth II, the country flourishes and has the status of one of the strongest powers in the world.

Elizabeth II

Elizabeth's childhood can not be called easy, at age 13 she learned what war is. By the way, she was the only queen who went through military service. Elizabeth joined the women's self-defense squad and even drove trucks. This strong and courageous woman has a lot of titles and positions: the head of the British Commonwealth of Nations, the commander in chief of the armed forces of Great Britain, the head of the Anglican Church.

9. Marilyn Monroe. She played a very important role in the history of cinema. Many films with her participation have become a real classic. Norma Jean (her real name) was a subject of adoration for many men and a real exemplary role model for almost all women of that time.

Marilyn Monroe

Norma's fate was difficult. She spent her childhood in foster homes and in orphanages. Norma even several times tried to rape. In addition, the girl was not beautiful, so she decided to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon who corrected her ribs, chin and nose.

There was no happiness in personal life either. Monroe was married several times, but she did not recognize true love. Children Marelin was not due to health problems and mistakes of youth. Monroe died early, and many did not have time to understand.

10. Catherine IIleft a mark in the history of Russia. In many ways, precisely because of this empress, Russia is as everyone knows her. The ruler was pushing the boundaries of possession, adding all new territories, she carried out a number of transformations and reforms.

Catherine II

For example, Catherine II was the first to arrange the issue of bank notes - paper money. The empress especially did a lot to enlighten the Russian people.She believed that knowledge is important and necessary.

All these women left their mark on history and changed the world.

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