Top 10 Useful Ideas for Winter Dinner

Winter is a difficult time for the human body, and, in particular, its second half is a period of acute lack of vitamins and other beneficial substances. Spending the last summer “reserves”, immunity, every day, is becoming weaker, the result is obvious: the majority of colds and even depression states occur in the last weeks of winter.

Not the last role in this process is played by the lack of proper and healthy food: the fact is that in winter it contains more fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which, in fact, is normal for such a time, but we often forget about fruits and vegetables. Therefore, you can strengthen your own immunity in a simple and pleasant way: add as many healthy foods as possible to your diet!

“Isn't it easy!”, You say. Indeed, in winter it is much harder to find summer tomatoes, cucumbers, plenty of greens and other vegetables, and even if they are on sale, they are not as helpful in winter as we would like.

Do not be surprised, but even at the end of winter it is quite realistic to get all the necessary vitamins and other usefulness with food, while it is not necessary to switch to any overseas products or incredibly complex recipes.

Most of the healthy dishes in the winter are familiar from childhood recipes, perhaps a little modernized, while, as before, they use vegetables and fruits that are easy to reach in our latitudes.

Perhaps not the most traditional dish for dinner, however, ideal for those who are at work all day and only in the evening can enjoy homemade food. Yes, and on the vitamin composition it is able to get ahead of most of the recipes you know, and therefore borsch opens our top 10.

Each Ukrainian hostess can cook such a dish, there are many nuances of the recipe, but in most cases it includes: potatoes, carrots, beet, cabbage, onions. It is these vegetables that become valuable sources of vitamins in the winter: vitamin A, E, K, C, PP, some subspecies of group B, as well as healthy fiber, carotenes, pectin, and other important elements.

  • Sauerkraut

It will be the perfect complement for almost any winter dinner. Thanks to a special ferment technology, compounds are formed in cabbage, which have a great effect on the work of the intestine, and besides, it is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A and C. And if it is also filled with green onions grown on a windowsill, fingers lick it up!

  • The vinaigrette

Another popular dish in our latitudes, which, unfortunately, is prepared, most often, on holidays. And in vain! Since it includes salted cucumbers and the same sauerkraut, vinaigrette is the best source of valuable lactic acid, as well as other vitamins and trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

  • Carrot salad

It is not a secret for anyone that this root crop contains a huge stock of provitamin A, which our body lacks so much in winter. Carotene is essential for maintaining vision, as well as for the youth of our skin, the health of nails and hair - the main problems at the end of winter. In addition to carrots, you can add a clove of garlic in a salad, grate some cheese on a grater and fill it with sour cream.

  • Sweet carrot salad with dried apricots and nuts

If you like sweets, but understand that candy and cookies are not an option, try a sweet salad from the same carrot! To its huge supply of benefits will add a natural vitamin complex from dried fruits.

Probably, it is not necessary to explain that dried apricots, prunes, raisins and other dried fruits are particularly relevant during the winter months: they rejuvenate the body, improve the bowels, strengthen the thyroid and cardiovascular system, and also have a positive effect on the nervous system. And to make such a salad is easy: rattan carrots, apple, nuts and dried apricots, which, if desired, can be filled with sour cream.

  • Pumpkin porridge

For some reason, we often forget about the benefits of this vegetable, and after all it is a unique product that can be stored for a very long time and almost all its useful properties during this time.

Pumpkin porridge is not only useful, but also very tasty! Did you know that regular consumption of dishes with such a vegetable is an excellent prevention of such serious diseases as colitis, diabetes and cancer? By the way, if the cereal is not for you, you can try freshly squeezed pumpkin juice.

  • Salad with curd and apple

How in the cold winter can you do without such a useful product as cottage cheese? An inexhaustible source of calcium, magnesium and potassium, cottage cheese is able to keep your skin, teeth and nails - in perfect condition. Again, making such a salad is not difficult: low-fat cottage cheese is mixed with grated apple, raisins and sprinkled with drops of lemon juice! It's simple!

  • Green Radish Salad

Another unique product, which in a cool room is able to lie almost all winter and, at the same time, not to lose most of its usefulness.

Green radish strongly resembles the usual radish to taste, and therefore salads from it are always very tasty and juicy. Green radish perfectly combines with greens, apple, bell pepper, carrots, sour cream and vegetable oil, and therefore variations of lettuce can be very different.

  • Apple mousse

Perhaps everyone knows about the benefits of apples to every inhabitant of our latitudes, but what if they are already very tired of fresh ones? Prepare a mousse - a tasty and fragrant dessert that does not affect your figure, but your body will be pampered with joy hormones, but what else is needed for a good mood during the winter season?

  • Veal with kiwi

Another interesting dish, which is not only incredibly useful in the winter, but also has a striking taste! In the cold period, in no case, one should not forget about such an indispensable fruit as kiwi, which, according to the content of vitamin C, even outruns famous record holders - lemons and oranges! In addition, kiwi copes well with iodine deficiency, and is indispensable in hypertension.

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