Top 10 interesting female applications for the iPhone

Gadgets are designed to help us and simplify our lives. And some applications really help to forget about the problems that previously seemed very serious. And which of them will be useful for the fair sex?

Top 10 of the most interesting and useful female applications for the iPhone:

  1. "Wardrobe Assistant". The biggest headache for many girls is the wardrobe, or rather its creation. Sometimes it is so difficult to choose the right thing and combine it with other existing ones. But this application will not dig in the closet and do not look for information on the Internet, but simply go in and in just a couple of clicks to get the original image. All clothes here are divided not only by seasons, but also by events, as well as by types of clothing and styles. In addition, users will be able to learn examples of the ideal wardrobe, create their own individual wish list and make only the right and proper purchases, and share their own compiled way with friends through social networks.In general, this is the perfect application for those who spend too much time on the selection of clothes.
  2. "Evernote"can be a real lifesaver for those who have a lot to remember and do a lot of important things. It’s boring and sometimes uncomfortable to keep a diary, and finding something necessary in it can be quite problematic. But this application will allow you to keep all the most important in one place and almost at hand. "Evernote" can be downloaded for free. This program will help not only to preserve information, but also to streamline it so that it is understandable, accessible and complete. Using such a useful application, you can save all your ideas and work more productively and efficiently, take quick notes, compile task lists and assign them to importance, set reminders, record voice messages, store photos, and save quotes or even entire pages from world wide web. And all that is required, you can find in a couple of seconds anytime and anywhere.
  3. «WomanLog»- one of the most useful applications for girls who are watching their menstrual cycle, planning a pregnancy or taking oral contraceptives. There is literally everything that can be required.You can follow the calendar and track the approach of critical days, assess the symptoms that may signal future menstruation or the onset of pregnancy. Also with the help of this program you can make basal temperature charts, track changes and calculate the dates of ovulation (this is especially true and useful for those who plan pregnancy). Here you can get a forecast of fertility and ovulation. Future mothers, having chosen the Pregnancy mode, will be able to find out what awaits them at this or that period. And you can remember in time about the onset of menstruation or ovulation, as well as taking a pill. And if you have secrets, make a backup copy of all data and set a password. Convenient, isn't it?
  4. Calorie counter from"FatSecret". Every second girl tries to get rid of extra pounds (even if they are not) and strives for ideal weight. And if some diets, others prefer to count calories. And a special and very convenient counter will help in this and make all calculations as fast, accurate and convenient as possible. You can not only calculate calories as individual products,and multi-component dishes, but also calculate the ideal daily calorie intake for you, as well as keep your own food diary, which will allow you to track and remember everything you ate in a day and not exceed the norm. And in this application there is a diary of exercises, which will help to find out how many calories you can burn while doing these or other exercises. A useful and convenient program for losing weight and supporting weight!
  5. "Diet". Getting rid of extra pounds is now incredibly easy, especially if you have an application on your iPhone that will make this process as simple as possible. You do not have to seek help from dietitians. All that is required is to enter your parameters and wishes. The program itself will choose the right diet, make up the perfect diet, and even help you make the menu for the day. There are several of the most effective and popular diets: Dukan diet, Swedish, detox, Mediterranean and English. In addition, in each of the proposed diets, there are three levels of complexity in accordance with the available parameters and the expected results. The application will offer a menu in several ways.And if you wish, you can change the menu or create it yourself. Another application will give you useful recommendations, following which you will be able to succeed and not get lost.
  6. "Fitness Free". If you strive for the perfect body and not only follow the principles of proper nutrition, but also play sports, then this application will be very useful for you. There are more than 700 different exercises, as well as detailed instructions and images attached to them. You can not only choose something suitable, but also find out which muscles will be involved. In addition to training according to the already finished training program, you can create your own individual, which will allow you to work out your problem areas and improve your body. All exercises are made by professionals, so that they simply can not be ineffective. Now you can do at home!
  7. If you do not know where all your salary goes, and have not yet learned how to plan your budget, the program will help you with this.Smart Budget. This application can really be called very smart and convenient, as it will do a lot for you.You do not have to enter a date, everything is ready for use. The entire budget (both income and expenses) is divided into several items. You will be able to take into account absolutely all your expenses and not lose sight of anything. In just a few months you will see which costs are irrational, which of them can be reduced, and which can be removed completely without harming yourself. As a result, you will get the opportunity to miss nothing, work with several separate accounts and even in different currencies, as well as synchronize budgets on several devices for convenience.
  8. Belonika- an application for those who love to cook or want to learn how to do it as flawlessly and masterly as professional chefs. The creator of the app, Nika Belotserkovskaya, wrote the books “Recipes” and “Dietshes”, which managed to become real bestsellers, and also founded their own culinary school in Provence. Now Nick decided to make cooking accessible and mobile. The program "Belonika" contains about 80 ready-made free recipes, and their number is gradually increasing. It is simply impossible to make a mistake while cooking, because all the recipes are step by step,and the number of ingredients is specified accurately and clearly. And the application will allow you to make a shopping list and not forget anything. In addition, users will be able to send recipes by e-mail or in messages.
  9. Pixlr-o-matic- an application for connoisseurs of beauty, which will allow you to change photos beyond recognition and turn them into real masterpieces of photographic art. The program has a variety of filters with which you can change the tone of the photo, contrast, style and other parameters. You can choose any effect and frame, apply a picture or inscription. There is an incredibly large selection of color and light effects. You can use both ready-made photos from the gallery, as well as those taken just by using the camera. The finished images are saved to the memory card. And if you want to share your work with friends, you can do it through social networks.
  10. «Pinterest»- This is a real virtual whiteboard for pictures, photos and other files. You can create multiple albums, distribute them by subject and constantly update. Here you can keep all the most beautiful: manicure and hairstyle options, photos, and just beautiful images and drawings.Users can share with each other, find a lot of new and interesting and look for inspiration.

These were the most popular, interesting and useful applications for girls.

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