To dream of a polar bear: the meaning of a dream

A polar bear in a dream is a good sign. But if he shows aggression, be prepared for injustice.

Dream Dream Thelomena

A huge polar bear in a dream is a symbol of the friendly and warm relations that someone of your family and friends shows towards you. Sometimes such a dream promises a wedding, as a result of which a new, friendly and happy family will be born.

Bear in a dream says that you need more to listen to the advice of loved ones. They will help you avoid stupid repeated mistakes.

If the girl saw the bear, let her get ready for a quick wedding with a kind, caring, wealthy and handsome man.

A dream of a bear with babies warns of improper parenting. Parents need to rethink their parenting system.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

If a person had to see a polar bear in a dream, let him rejoice: he is loved and respected. But if the animal swam on an ice floe, this is not a good sign.In the near future, you will meet a fraudster. Be careful.

Freund's Dream

The hunt for polar bears says that you are trying with all your might to achieve the favor of a man who will never answer you in return.

A wounded polar bear says that a person has great difficulty in communicating with the opposite sex.

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